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Darn genetics!!!

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Has anyone else had to try to love a child who looks so much like his mother that you can't see him as anything but a reminder of your husband's baggage? Thankfully, my little SS is beginning to look more like his daddy, but for a long time, the kid was a frightening spitting image of his mother and I actually resented him for it. I resented a child for something he couldn't help! WHAT was wrong with me?! I guess I really didn't like what he represented. Will anybody else out there please let me know if you've experienced anything like that? Thanks!

Getting hitched in five weeks... and his ex- is digging in

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Well, our wedding is just five weeks away and my darling's ex-wife has started to pull some punches. She and I have always gotten along well and I've appreciated that because I know how awful it can be. We've always told each other how much we appreciate each other's parenting styles and I've always been sincere about it. I've never feared that she might want my fiance back--she was the one to initiate their separation and divorce--but it seems that, as our wedding gets closer, she's actually having a hard time with my guy moving on and being happy without her.

Trying to Make the Best of Things

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Half the week is over already and I have really been on a roller coaster here at home. With any luck, my husband will get his work situation sorted out, and quit bringing his attitude and problems home. Today, I went back to the doctor's about the problem with my ankle collapsing and they started blood testing because they are thinking not only is the problem orthopedic--with the ankle--but also some kind of joing connective tissue disease that is affecting my joints--in particular my both my ankles and wrists which are swollen up as well.

Another Tantrum

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Well, I can't seem to get on an even pace with my spouse. He has been nearly impossible to deal with, live with, or be around with. It's like walking on eggshells. He hears things that aren't even said, and blows up for no reason. Now it is getting the only peace I have is when he is at work. I can't have an opinion about anything or it sets him off on another of his immature temper tirades. The person who steps out the door and into the office are two different people. And the stresses and unhappiness he feels at the office he brings home and directs at me.

Do your step-children ever..

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say that they wish YOU were their Mother, instead?

This hasn’t happened yet, and I hope it never does! But something that happened over the weekend got me thinking about how I would handle this. My step kids could easily be mistaken for my bios. They have both always been quick to point out to strangers that I’m not their Mother if the topic comes up.

Reflections from the Weekend

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Well, I had another one of those evenings over the weekend when my husband blew up for no apparent reason, left the house, post haste, leaving with me with all 3 dogs, albeit one being the puppy getting around on 3 legs. All the dogs and I looked at him like he was from Mars....he is not happy at work, still bringing it all home. I have nowhere to escape. Nowhere to even turn. I won't call my parents and tell them about it. It just keeps happening too frequently. I figure eventually he will come back after an hour, but the apologies do get old and don't mean much.

The Storm

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Well, my boyfriend got a call Thursday night at 7:30 p.m. from his daughter alerting him to the fact that she was having surgery Friday morning at 7:30 a.m. for her adenoids. This was the first we had heard from her in three months, not to mention that it would have been nice for biomom to let her father know earlier. So, Friday morning he went to the hospital to be with his daughter, where he should be.

5 Month Old Puppy Slowly on the Mend

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Hi All,
Just an update on my little puppy, Bullet-the baby Greyhound-my husband drove us to Louisville, GA and we got his remaining two (2) staples that the surgeon forgot to remove taken out this evening. Our vet said we are doing a good job with Bullet but he shouldn't be walking much on the leg or foot which means we will be carrying him around for another month or so. He was just weighed today and is now up to 35 lbs and is rapidly gaining weight.

Missed Opportunities

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Well, I have read many of your individual blogs about things that have happened that I have been through but some of you are now approaching issues that I must say I hadn't considered such as the coed sleepover stuff and such. I nor my husband go for that sort of thing, nor for any of the drinking under age either. There will be plenty of time for that later in life. I can recall those moments when my stepdaughter thought I was the greatest thing since sliced bread and these days she has no use for me or her father. The comments and her behavior have shattered both of us.