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queen_bethy's picture

My husband and I had a really great talk last night and I think he finally sees things clearly now. It's been really hard getting him to see the big picture with regards to his son. He refused to even consider the fact that his son was one way with me and my kids and another way entirely when he was around. Not to mention finally getting him to see how jealous, bitter and resentful he is thanks to his mother.

It ain't no Brady it?!!

lovin-life's picture

I'm told once again. That's just the way she is..that's why she has no friends. Don't take it personally!

The 30 yr old called tonight "Is my Dad there?" No, he's not. He's at work. "OK I'll call him there." OK ""Bye" I never asked how she was, or how the new baby is. I'm so tired of trying. And of course she had nothing to say to me as usual.

So without anyone (me) trying anymore...
I don't want this to turn into open hostility. I'm told by everyone, father included, that she is soo much like her mother....(who is openly nasty, spiteful, manipulative, evil)

Just trying to protect myself..

queen_bethy's picture

Do you think it's wrong, now that SS is old enough to report back things to his mother to fuel the money fit she is in, to put my foot down about him coming here for visits?

He's 15 1/2 now and everytime he comes here, he tells her all about something new we might have that she can't possibly afford. He's also become very sneaky and I'm afraid of him stealing confidential information about our life.

Can't we all just get along?

anotherlazydaze's picture

When I first starting dating my BF I was nervous to tell him anything about my previous relationship. In all honesty, I was really embarrassed that I let myself be treated badly by a man. I was embarrassed that I spent three years with someone and I couldn't see just how bad of a person he really was.
Now I think my BF is feeling the same thing. I think he is embarrassed by his ex's constant harassing him and her eratic behavior, so he hasn't been telling me about it.

...Biomom has been quiet lately, oh, oh, I know I think she might have a boyfriend now!

happy mom's picture

Hahahahaha, I think she has a boyfriend now cause we are not getting nagged on too much from her since last month. This is a good feeling, no more nagging emailsf from her and her stupid demands and comments. Knock on wood, it might not last long...

Trouble in Paradise

smcpaw's picture

Well I confronted my boyfriend about my feelings of being the outsider when it comes to his daughter and exwife. The us against them syndrome is being created by both the biomom and her daughter and that is the very same thing that my boyfriend doesn't like about how they only tell him what he needs to know when it comes to his daughter. Well... that's how I now feel with this whole counseling thing (he and his daughter had their first session Monday night - which is great that they are trying to work out their differences - which was my suggestion in the first place).