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Drama and Manipulation

smcpaw's picture

Well, so much for "starting over" with my boyfriend's daughter - Friday she called from her job and said that she felt faint and had to come to the house until biomom got out of work. So, she spent the afternoon at the house, had something to eat (claims she hadn't eaten in 2 days and that's why she felt faint - self infliction = I have a feeling the job won't last too long). When I got home, she told me her dad had to bring her to biomom's house to get clothes for her job the next day (she decided she would spend the weekend with us).


cornflower's picture

my SS12 is a very entitled boy. Nothing I do for him is good enough.

I bought him some long sleeve shirts, he complained the sleeves were not long enough, although they were longer than a new one his Dad gave him not 3 weeks prior.

I sewed a badge on his sash (which *I* paid for) and was told that it was on slightly crookedly. (It was, but you'd need to look really really really close to see.)

Keeping the Pace

Sweetie's picture

I have been busy the past few days just trying to "maintain" things in the household. I finished off the taxes but had to keep going back to check the status of the etaxes to check for the acceptance which I completed this morning. My DH is receiving harassing emails from his ex that she hasn't received this month's suppt even though it always gets mailed regularly. We started sending her money orders because she was so nasty about saying she didn't get the checks. So, now I have to get a tracer done on the money order.

Sunny Days

Sweetie's picture

I am fairly determined to have a good weekend so weather permitting, by grace it will happen. I finished and efiled taxes today and just will run an errand to purchase a bathing suit. The weather should be up in the 90's this weekend so I am looking forward to going swimming for awhile and also taking me dogs to play in the water. I bought 2 kiddie wading pools for the dogs to play and lay in so they could cool off. Seems like a lot of people here in this region have been doing the same.

Starting Over

smcpaw's picture

Well, things have calmed down somewhat with my daughter. I think she knows what she did with the garbage cans, recycle bin and mat were childish and that she was only trying to cause conflict between my boyfriend and I. She has been on her best behavior after I told her that I wasn't going to be forced to make a choice between her and my boyfriend, there is no choice and I love them both and her and my boyfriend's daughter are not going to break us up - we're in it for the long haul.