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Can't wait until she is 18

doihaveto64's picture

my husband and I met 6 years ago through a family member and have been though hell and high water together. He has a 14 year old daughter from a previous relationship and I have a 7 year old daughter from a previous relationship. For the first year of our relationship we maintained separate residences in different cities; but merged our households when we became very serious. However, it all went downhill with his daughter and I from there. I don't think any child is evil, but this little girl is pretty damn close.

BM told SDs she hopes I die soon..

Stepmom_C's picture

Just when I thought I'd heard it all. My DH is the primary custodian. BM has EOW visitation and during her last visitation she was watching Hannah Montanna with SD10 & SD6. SD6 asked "what happened to Hannah Montanna's mom?" and SD10 says "she died." Then...BM says "I hope your f#cking stepmother dies soon. Maybe I can make it happen. You know the devil is going to take her and your dad."

Let's start a story.....anyone want to help?

Overwhelmed in Texas's picture

Once upon a time there was a lovely lady who met a handsome man...they fell in love and they married....everything seemed like it was going so well...they had so much fun together. One day there was a knock at the door and the lovely lady opened the door and there were two small children standing there. They were beautiful children, with big round innocent eyes and soft hair and as she gazed upon them she felt like they looked familiar... the boy child had a note pinned to his shirt..she reached down and took the note and read it...

I have a confession....

Overwhelmed in Texas's picture

I knew this is two blogs in one night...but as I was sitting here thinking about how I feel and why I don't leave, I think I know why....I think if I leave him, that he will go back to his ex-....i know it may sound crazy, but they were married for 18 years and had 6 kids, then she decided she wanted a divorce...he fought it, but she divorced him. I have always felt like the mistress and that she was still his wife, she is still the wife and mother of his children.

I feel like an outsider in my own home....

Overwhelmed in Texas's picture

When my kids aren't here, and his are, it feels like they take over the house. There are so many of them and they fall into their routine and do whatever they want while most of the time dad is in his office on the computer, and Bio Mom is always hovering nearby...she doesn't actually live near us, but she is here as much as if she had a room in our house, she emails the kids and calls the kids constantly.

Another part. OH *joy*.

Empty Risks's picture

I am still completely torn on even communicating with the SD to explain things. Her bio mom didn't say boo-shit and I don't want to be as cold hearted as that. On the other hand, I'm not sure it would matter...or if I even care to do one more thing in a line of endless things for the SD.

I don't want to offer her an explanation out of guilt or even obligation. I may sound like a bitch here, but I don't feel guilty. I thought I would, honestly, but I don't.

How to detach or do I?

Stepmom_C's picture

I'm not sure where to begin. My SD10 and SD6 live with me and DH is primary custodian. I also have a BD14 who lives with us 100% of the time. Problem? For the past 3 years I feel as though I've been catering to my SD's and my BD is missing out. They have an abusive BM but I'm starting to notice more (now that they are older) it seems they are "playing" both sides of the parenting fence. I know it's typical in many divorced situations but I guess I thought our family was different because we have them the majority of the time.

Boyfriend and I just HAD IT OUT now I don't know how to heal...

patient but frustrated's picture

All this stress just made me explode. BF and I have been IMing all day, as he seems to communicate better on the IM than in person sometimes. I finally spilled my guts about how I feel about how I am being treated, and addressed every issue I have. At first I tried to be gentle and loving, but it ended badly. I don't know if we will get over this. He made a comment to me that just pissed me off in a way I have never known I could be pissed off. I am so tempted to post that entire conversation up here, but I'm trying to check myself and my anger right now.

Am I crazy?

mumm2five's picture

It's been a long couple of weeks. I've pretty much been going crazy. I don't know how you all do it. DH talks to BM2 a couple of times a week. They have been talking about what happened between them, which I hate and told him so, he said I was right and there was no reason for him to talk to her except about SS. But he said he can't stop talking to her because she'll make it hard for him to see SS when he gets home. I said what's worse problems with her or problems with