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Wasting Talent

Sweetie's picture

Well, it's been an interesting weekend to say the least. Nothing remarkable has happened in regards to any progress with my stepchildren, but again I'd be holding my breath until I'm blue in the face. Kind of like someone who's on a ventilator in a vegetative state, moreless. My husband flipped out yesterday and made some stupid comment to me yesterday again about helping me out with the dogs. I have not been using the pool for a month now since I have open ulcers on my hands from dermatitis.

Just getting it out

Sherrylyn's picture

I have dealt with all sorts of medical stuff all through my life. That's what I do, deal with stuff. It's no wonder my parents stopped having children after me. On the light end I have allergies and asthma, and they only rear their ugly heads in spring and autumn. But did I really need to have a brain hemorrhage at 18 months which gave me a brain injury that caused me to suffer with epilepsy since. Then there was the brain surgery when I was 11 years old. That was a delight, total paralysis of my right side?, sounds great.


Sweetie's picture

Well,it's been an interesting few days and I am still trying to figure out what to do about my fifteen year old dog. I really don't think his problem is organic, much more than I just think that at his age, it's just payback time, and he is becoming evil and demented. I can't seem to get ahead of him at all. And you wonder why people have cats and put them in bags. Maybe that sounds ill, but I am seriously saying my dog is driving me up the wall with making these messes on purpose. It's actually gotten so bad, that we've even twisted his name into a nickname of "Goldi-Comet".


Cindy's picture

Hey everyone, so today is day 3 of my stepkids 5 days at our house and I really feel today more than ever not 100% comfortable in my own home. I'm not on top form because my husband and I are still strained after the arguments from last week's issues so I'm just kinda letting him deal with the kids and I'm observing him and slowly realising that the kids are the way they are because of him - he basically lets them do whatever they want until he knows it's really getting to me and then he'll make a half ditched attempt at putting it right.

Do you ever want peace w/biomom?

happy mom's picture

I wanted to hear your opinion on this. Would you ever want to have peace w/biomom and carry out a civilized relationship? A relationship where you can talk comfortably without thinking in the back of your mind that she is up to something evil. Or is this impossible? Is it just in nature that new wife & exwife just do not get along?

Picture This...

smcpaw's picture

Boyfriend's daugther comes over for the first time in a long time the Friday of Mother's Day weekend. She was on her way to a school function, but it was sold out so her mom dropped her off at our house to spend the night (again, no advanced notice)but we were home and it was fine. She made it clear that she had nothing else to do and spent the whole time with my daughter (which was also fine with me). The following morning she was supposed have worked at 12:00 noon (it was raining and her job is subject to the weather).

Had a good day w/stepson...

happy mom's picture

My stepson and I does not have a close relationship, sometimes I feel he hates me. My husband was at a meeting and couldn't pick up his son. Yesterday I got the honor of picking up my stepson from school. I was anticipating a sad and angry face from him when he sees me picking him up. But I was wrong, he was happy to see me and my daughter. I was relieved and happy. I tried talking to him more and he was such a good boy yesterday, I couldn't believe it, he wasn't ignoring me for once! What a change.