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How do you all do it???

rlj2007's picture

I have been reading all of your blogs daily for the last several weeks....this is my second blog. I just don't understand how you all manage to stay sane with the skids and the BM's. My BF and I are talking about getting married in July of this year. This would be both of our 2nd marriage. We also both have children, I have a 6 year old daughter from my previous marriage and he has a 5 year old son from a previous relationship (never married) and an 11 month old daughter from his previous marriage.

Close Encounters

smcpaw's picture

We have not seen my boyfriend's daughter since her mother chose to take her out of the school district we live in and allow her to continue to break the rules at our house which was about July of last year. The only time my boyfriend has had contact with his daughter was when he sent her flowers on her birthday (she called and thanked him) and again the day after Christmas. Other than that, they have not really had any contact. We have to attend a funeral tomorrow and both the exwife and the daughter will be there. You see, the exwife is still very close with his family...

This is small potatoes isn't it?

Bonus Wife's picture

Oldest sd (20) is in a correctional facility. She calls DH on our phone and mentions that she's waiting for "mom" to visit her but so far, no show. Dad reassures her "mom" will be there if she promised her that. Then, he decides to call "mom" using his cell, to find out where she is and if she is going. Turns out she's not going and relays message to SD. It's NOT a big deal and I kept it ZIPPED for a change as Fearless suggested to do in some instances...BUT...I want to know why my husband is getting in the middle of this???

So f**ing fed up and frustrated over this bulls***!

Nymh's picture

I was going to just reply to my other post, but I want to write a new post for this one. BF emailed her back, willing to work with her on some things but unwilling to give away others - like holidays, for example. He also told her that as we live together and I pose no threat to SS's well being that I would not be forced away from visitation. Then there was the fact that the child support would be adjusted accordingly to what it should be given that he has SS 26 days a year now and with the proposed parenting plan he'd be getting 80+ which is a big differendce.

SS comes back with $

Elle36's picture

On Sundays when SS comes back to us for the week he always has money on him. He is only 6. I guess BM and him go out to lunch with other relatives and whatever the change is BM allows him to keep it. This happens almost every week. I am the one who does the wash in the house. AND the rule is that if I find money in the machine it is mine. I can't always remember to check pockets of his clothes but when I do I put the money is a zip lock baggy that goes back on Sunday when he goes back to her.

And the Oscar goes to..............SS!!!!

Candice's picture

How sad is it that when your ss comes home from a visit you predict that there was a fight and now a break up between bm and her drug dealing bf?

Oh, and ss is telling bm flat out lies to try to get bm to soften up and allow him to move back in with her. Of course, it's been six months since she last broke up with her bf, so it was time for the cycle to repeat.

Update on parenting plan modifications

Nymh's picture

BM has screwed her head back on and had a decent adult conversation with BF when he was attempting to pick SS up for visitation (which to my suprise didn't happen like it was supposed to, but she's giving us an extra full weekend to make up for it so I'm not that upset...I just wish she had called to inform us of this BEFORE BF made the 45 minute drive to her house...but you can't win them all) about the parenting plan.

"Serenity for Stepmoms" Booklet....

Bonus Wife's picture

I’d like to put together a booklet for us stepmoms/second, third or fourth wives so we can have a daily thought to carry around with us, when we don't have access to a computer. When we have enough submissions, I’m going to date each page and print up copies for anyone interested. The stories within would acknowledge issues only blended families are faced with. We would offer each other a glimpse of our experience, and provide each other with positive “happy” thoughts and encouragement for our sisters who read it – It’ll be 365 days worth of some type of enlightenment.