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I was just curious, has anyone seen...

Bobbi's picture

I was just curious, has anyone seen the movie Stepmom with Ed Harris, Julia Roberts and Susan Sarandon

Synopsis: Divorce is tough on everyone, even the new girlfriend. Isabel (Roberts) is dating Luke (Harris) and his ex (Sarandon) doesn't like it one bit. Roberts is working her way into Sarandon's children's hearts and Sarandon isn't about to let that happen.

Anna and Ben are the children.

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My fiancee and his exwife

Sofie's picture

Hello, This is the first time I have spoken out on this. I came across your website and need some insight. My fiancee and his exwife broke up 6 years ago, as she left him for another man with their children. He is a great father and stays in touch always and has holiday visits with them. Two years ago we met and fell in love and have decided to get married. I to am an exwife and my exhusband remarried when our son was only 3 and now my son has a 1/2 brother. So I do understand and I can relate to exwives and children from broken up homes.


happy mom's picture

I can't stand the fact that ex kept my husband's last name. Is anyone here irritated by that too? Is it mainly for the sake of the child that she had to keep the last name the same as the child? Ex left my husband, I was thinking if I ever left a man, I would change my last name back to what it was before I got married in a heart beat even though I had a child that carried his last name. Or better yet change the child's name and hyphenate w/my name & exhusband's name.

He's not your husband anymore!

Nymh's picture

Grrr this frustrates me to no end! Am I crazy or when two people get divorced aren't they supposed to stop referring to each other as husband and wife? Every time biomom refers to my bf, she calls him her husband, hubby, etc. She refers to herself as his wife. You are divorced! He's not your husband anymore! What is WITH this woman? It's sick to still refer to him as your husband when you've been divorced for a long time now. If he had died I could understand...but he didn't die, he LEFT YOU! You're not his wife anymore!

I can't do this thing with the ex anymore!

marigold156's picture

He can't understand why I can't be part of this "functioning dysfunctional family" as his ex so smugly put it the last time I stepped foot into her house. We've been together 5 years and married for 2 and things haven't changed. He can't understand why can't I embrace his ex and doesn't stick up for me at all. The times I've been around her, she made snide remarks, took him aside to have a private conversation, they reminisced about the past in front of me. He wants to blame my sensitivity on my depression. My depression has gotten worse I feel because of this unhealthy family dynamic.

Bonds with Skids

Gwen's picture

Someone said in another post that if the marriage ended tomorrow, skids would be gone without so much as a thank you. I am grateful that I really don't think that is true for me, my skids were 3 and 5 when I met them and are 6 and 8 now, and are really, really loving kids. I think if I were to disappear they would miss me and talk about me and want to see me, and would always remember me fondly if they couldn't. Sure, they don't have the same depth of feeling for me as their BM, but they do love me and I am family. Am I particuarly lucky?

I can't accept the fact that ex is in my life.....

happy mom's picture

Hey guys, I've been struggling w/this feeling of not being able to or how to accept the fact that ex wife will always be in my family's life. I cry at night thinking that it's me that has a problem w/this. I try to put my feelings all together and I feel like I can't accept the fact that we'll be dealing or see my husband deal w/this woman for a long time. I just don't want him talking to her but that's not possible because they have a child together. I feel jealous too. Please help, I don't know what else to do from here on.

Hey Dawn,

Nise's picture

I think that would be a good poll question…how many people in the forum believe that the biomom has more “right” to the child then the biofather (given a situation where there are no instances of abuse or neglect from either side)…it seems that that is what the court believes and I am curious how many of us agree with them…