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Sister in law communicates w/ex....

happy mom's picture

What is the story w/that??? Anyone been in this situation before? I hate the fact they she talks to the ex. This past weekend, sister in law mentioned that the ex has been very busy w/work....I was planning a bday party for my daughter & stepson and mentioned to my sister in law that I hope that stepson's mother does not change the schedule on us the day of the party. How would she know that ex is very busy w/work unless she talks to her. I just can't stand the fact that inlaws still talk to this monster! What do they feel sorry for her or what?

How would you feel?

Bobbi's picture

My BF has his daughter every Tuesday and every other weekend. I have to get up for work earlier than my BF, so when he has his daughter and she has to get up for school, I usually wake her up and make her breakfast before BF gets up. I have been doing this for quite a while now and started because first, I figured I had to get up anyway, so why not let him sleep a little longer and second, I wanted to give his daughter plenty of time to shower (if she needed to), get dressed, eat, etc. and not feel rushed.

Any Tips....

Nise's picture

We had a great weekend for the most part…We painted the girls room … they did a GREAT job helping out…they used A LOT of paint! We used almost an entire gallon of paint doing one room (not including the ceiling or the trim paint!) b/c they put it on SO THICK so we just had to go behind them and smooth it out…it turned out REALLY CUTE and they were VERY EXCITED!

Communication Issues

Nymh's picture

Something that is a small problem now, but I could see as becoming a large problem down the road. Biomom calls and leaves messages every now and then, maybe twice a week or more, asking dh if he'll call and talk to his son about this or that, or most usually that there's this major problem that he needs to call and address. Of course, almost 100% of the time we can assume that what she's claiming is bogus and the kid is completely fine, and there really was no reason or need for the call.

Any help appreciated!

Melise's picture

Ok so last night my SD (4 yrs old) seemed very upset and kept getting whiney and sad about weird things. For example we were at the barn and she was helping me with the horses (something she LOVES to do). She went out in the grass to play with our dog and came back into the barn crying and said she thought someone was going to run her over with a car.My truck was the only vehicle there and it was not going anywhere. So when we got back into the truck to go home she started to whine and cry again.

I think Hubby may have been the Liar...not SD.

lovin-life's picture

Well .. here's the latest "update". Since hubby hung up in my ear Wednesday and communication with him regarding SD has been basically impossible...I wrote him a 3 page letter and left it for him to read while I was at a ball game with my daughter(with SD coaching..I got silent treatment & dirty looks...I'll get back to that)

Biomom may have finally got it..

Nymh's picture

I had been trying to get through to her that things would be much easier if she would work with me instead of against me. When she would send me spiteful emails I would respond in an encouraging and positive way, explaining that this type of behavoir makes things harder and I am willing to cooperate with her to make things easier if she can basically get over herself and do the same. She spoke with a friend of hers (who happens to be a neutral party and therefore also a friend of mine), who told her that I was right.

Want ex out of our choice, how do we deal w/it.

happy mom's picture

I just get so bothered & irritated when we have to deal w/ex. Emailing my husband regarding son. Even though it's about just son, I for some reason get irritated. I don't want my husband communicating at all w/this woman. I get upset inside when I see these emails. I don't have much choice as to getting rid of her out of our lives. How do you guys deal w/this feelings/emotions?

How can I get over the resentment?

Dee's picture

My BF and I have been together for 18 months. We recently bought a house together and are extremely happy. The fly in the ointment is his ex. Her life is basically a train wreck and she is constantly making poor life decisions, which because of a 5 year old SD frequently ends us involving us too. Their 5 year old daughter is what forces us all to tolerate each other (who BTW is not his biological child, my BF found out 2 years after she was born - a whole nother long story).