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Quit playin' "remember when" with my husband!

SMIT's picture

OK, went to another hilarious tee-ball game on Saturday. Those kids are a riot! My SS's mommy, on the other hand, not so much...

I've kvetched on here before about sitting with her at games. We really can't avoid her because it's an indoor field with only a few places to watch. She's usually sitting on an end by the time we get there and there's really nowhere else to go.

Strange days...

lmae's picture

Today we returned my husbands eight year old daughter to her mom. We met at the respective meeting place. What is odd is that stepdaddy dearest was not with her. It was just her 13 year old daughter from a previous marriage with her. We think this is strange because stepdad never lets the mother go anywhere alone. Hmmm, we are thinking that the mother is probably tired of his behaviour and may have put her foot down. It is a possibility. Anyway, I mentioned before that she is not a bad person and she proves this when he is not around. She is always polite to my husband and myself.

Love/Hate Relationship with Bio-Mom

Nymh's picture

Ok, so most of the time this woman is hell-bent on my destruction. Most of you probably have read my "Did I mention she's psycho?" post (if not I suggest you do to get a little background). It's hard to explain it, but every now and then she'll kind of switch modes temporarily and treat me as if I wasn't the woman dating her ex, but rather a friend that she can confide in and let her feelings out to.


LoveandWar's picture

HI All!!! Glory be I sure am glad that I can find somewhere safe where I can vent and have someone tell me if I am wrong or right.
I have been dating the sweetest man for about 2 yrs , he just asked me to marry him which was something I really wanted until recently when Ive been reevaluating everything.

What does this mean???

happy mom's picture

After 6 yrs of putting up w/exwife unfair treatment towards my husband, my husband finally told her at son's soccer game that she needs to coordinate/agree on activities or anything to do w/son for that matter from now on. Ex wife then complained that father does not participate in anything son does, how can he when he gets the schedule the same day or a day before (no time to reschedule his work). Ex wife walked off.

I Showed My Husband

KeeKee's picture

Last nite I showed my husband this site. I wanted him to know that we weren't the only ones out there with these kinds of problems.
I let him see the postings that I reacted particularly strongly to, and my responses to them.
Of course, I tend to gravitate to those postings that talk about bioparents not stepping up and actually parenting their children. That has been my own personal nightmare and, it is made even more urgent by the fact that I have 2 children of my own.

Feeling very much like an outsider..this week

lovin-life's picture

This has been a funny week between hubby I & SD..

SD & I have been getting along fine and there has been no arguing or issues between hubby & I...but something is off.

Last week Hubby & I decided to not go to the Eastern Canadian softball tournament out of province..that we would take a couple days for ourselves instead maybe rent a cottage for the weekend. (He kept asking me if we're didn't matter to him either way.)

New to this site

lmae's picture

I am very glad that I found this site. It is good to know that I am not the only woman going through this and there are others willing to share their stories as well. I am sure my friends are tired of hearing about the drama caused by my husband two ex-wives. He was married twice and had a daughter which each one. If we aren't getting it from one we are getting it from the other. Sometimes we hit the jackpot and get it from both at the same time. I don't have any children of my own and my husband and I don't intend to start our own family.

child abuse by biomom?

KPAYNE's picture

Hi, I know, I know, 2 posts in 2 days. I just have a short one here. You know the 10 yo SS that lives with us was at his Biomoms and her BF for a week not long ago. Keep in mind they are 2 adults who when not at work sit around and play video games all day and don't clean house, mow grass or any other contrustive normal adult activity--they are very childish. They live in the boonies and that week the grass was 2 1/2 feet tall-ticks, mosquitos, whatever all over in it. My SS is 4 ft tall. NOT THE FIRST time they made him mow this grass with a push mower!