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Here we go again! Does this BS ever end?

Caitlin's picture

My fiance is supposed to go see SD for their weekly dinner tonight. Less than 3 hours before he's supposed to leave, BM calls and changes the plan. SD has her band concert tomorrow night and god forbid he be allowed to see her two nights in a row, so BM said instead of meeting tonight, he could have an early dinner with SD before the concert tomorrow, then they could all go over TOGETHER to the school.

This is wrong on so many levels.

First, changing the plan with just a few hours' notice is just rude and inconsiderate.


sweetthing's picture

Here's a question I need answered. My oldest ss is 9. He is a very smart boy ( also going through the I know everything stage) yet this is the one that can't remember to take his plate to the kitchen & put it in the dishwasher. He also can't seem to do a good job looking for things when he can't find them. His version of looking is standing there & saying I can't find it.

SS swearing now biomom sending emails to biodad saying I have no business speaking to her kids like that.

Shar's picture

Biomom is such a piece of work...Thanks for the advice on step son swearing. Biomom has sent emails to her ex husband stating I had no business disciplining her kids adn that she should come over and speak to my kids....(not exactly sure on how she thinks that has anything to do with it)?????and the oldest boy said he is happy he never has to come to my house again.. I am sure that is just her talking, but you know I really dont want him around anymore.

Hello, again!

SMIT's picture

Hi, all:

I've been away from the site FOREVER. Something happened and i couldn't log in at work and I was leery of logging in at home and maybe starting a fight with DH. Sometimes he thinks I overreact to the -ex's antics... times when I can't get him to see that men and women view things differently. I could come here and vent about SS's mommy. Smile

This is where I was told to go......:(

h6not3's picture


I've asked many people "where do I go for help?"...and I've said so many times "I need somewhere to fall". My heart is in two and my outlook is growing more dim.

I'm a mother of 2...married to a wonderful man who has 2 children of his own. My children live with us (visits with dad every other weekend), and his children live with us the same. So, to his children, they portray it as..."we live at dads all the time, and we never get to see mom".

Can someone calm me down please, I am so mad and disappointed in SS.

Shar's picture

A 13 year old (my boyfriends son) stayed the weekend at my house,with his brother and my two boys..all weekend long...Today, he broke his skateboard and decided dad should buy him a new one. His father was ordered by the court to pay his mother $4200/month for child support and spousal, so needless to say, dad doesnt have a lot of money. He gets by..he will never own or be able to rent his own place, so he lives with his parents and stays at my home somtimes.

Aggravated and confused...

ruthie's picture

So I just submitted my first post and I'm worried about what people are going so say.

I am young new stepmother and do to the experience my older husband has with life I see it as a disadvantage with the way I see things. Am I handling things right? Am I with the minority on this one?

I want the girls to be included in our lives. We have so much to share and want to create new memories with them. But how can we get the chance if their mom is breathing down our backs.