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Anything to piss me off.......

lovin-life's picture X was supposed to pick up the 10 yr old for his weekend visit. Through the child, I was informed on Tuesday that x would be picking him up Thursday morning....2 days notice..

At the door ... x tells 10 yr old take his bike..they're going away for 2 weeks!!!!

My hubby called me at work yesterday to tell me my son would not be returning home for 2 weeks

I was not informed..there was no arrangments made or notices given..the kid has 4 days worth of clothes ... to last him 2 weeks.

I called x last night....his phone was shut off!!!!

I don't seem to do things right, or "I had a bad day"

Sweetie's picture

Well, I haven't written in a couple of days. My middle thru lower back have been stiff and painful because of the amount of lifting and chopping work I've been doing to get rid of that tree that fell over. I can't afford to just throw it away--wood is too valuable here in the wintertime.

24 Things Love and Sex Experts Are Dying to Tell You

Nise's picture

1. Never underestimate the power of a compliment.

"Every day, tell your partner about one thing they did that you appreciate. Everybody is quick to let their partner know what they didn't do right, and what made you angry. Make sure you balance this with what they do that pleases you. From the small things to the big things, the more you say 'Thank you,' the more of what makes you happy will come your way."
—Jane Greer, Ph.D., couples therapist and author of Gridlock: Finding the Courage to Move On in Love, Work, and Life

2. Sex: Just do it.

What the Heck?

lylagarrett's picture

OK not only have we had the drama with the first ex-wife and all of the court battles, etc, but now my hubby's second ex-wife is in the picture again. Hubby is at my dad's house mowing the lawn for him when his second ex-wife pulls up and starts talking to him as if they are long lost best friends. Mind you he has not seen or spoken to her in probably 13 years or more. They had no children together. Now here's the kicker, she invites him to her daughters going away party and he hasn't even seen her daughter in over 15 years.

Can I do this?

Number2Blues's picture

Last August I met the man of my dreams. I literally fell in love with him the minute I laid eyes on him. I'm 24 (soon to be 25) and he's 27. He has a 7 year old daughter who he has had sole custody of since she was 2.

Our first 6 months together were the most wonderful, happiest times of my life. I moved in with him and his daughter in January. The first few months were great, but then I noticed something change. I'm not sure what it was, or why it happened, but suddenly I'm not happy anymore and anything and everything about his daughter bothers me.



It thrills me to find all of you! I have had a crazy worldwind in the last two years in becoming a SP. The Ex has put me through some ringers. The Ex has done everything posible to break my husband and I up. Using my SS in her EVIL GAMES. My SS has been told not to talk /listen to me,the EX tells my husband that "she" hasn't given me the approve to become a SM, and uses my SS (who is 6 yrs old)to call CPS on me. Then takes my SS to 4 other proffesionals trying to find proof of something that didn't happen.

In Motion

lylagarrett's picture

Well the loan for the $6500.00 we have to pay the ex within 30 days from the hearing is in motion. We received the okay and just sent the signed paperwork back today so within the week we should have our loan. It really "sucks" that we have to pay her outright but in the long run it works out for us better. Instead of $600.00 per month from hubby's check, we will be only paying $150.00 per month for the loan. So I guess it works! The other thing that "sucks" about it is that we are sure she'll just take the money and go hire another attorney. It never fails!

NOT across the street... Woo hoo!!!

SMIT's picture

Hi, all:

I wrote last Thursday and Friday about my husband's ex-wife wanting to rent the house across the street from us. My blood pressure was through the roof when DH told me she had called about it. Anyway, just wanted to thank everybody for your supportive words and let you know that the house was already rented!!! We have nothing to worry about.