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Gee...this seems familiar......

sosmomof6's picture

Well, before the New Year things seemed to be going somewhat all right.....SS was coming over about 2 days a week with one overnight for several weeks in a row!! :o This was a record folks!

But, now visits have dropped back to about 9 hours each week. And now, BM is starting in with her normal crap again~ she sent my DH an email informing him about SS's IEP (school appointment). They want both parents to be there ideally, and she said she needs to know if he's coming so she can tell the teachers who will be there.

rough day

tiredstepmomofteen123's picture

I guess statistics say that 2nd marriages have a higher divorce rate than first marriages. As a woman married to a man with a son from a previous marriage I know why that is true.
Nevertheless, my husband is such a difficult man that even if this were his first marriage we'd probably be having problems.
Right now I am having fantasies of leaving. He is so darn resentful of having to work to support a family. He is angry at me for a reason I cannot write about, even tho this is anonymous. He feels I have ruined our family.

In-Laws...could it be fake support?

happy mom's picture

I know for a fact that my mother in law, sister in law are still in good relationship w/biomom behind my back. Why then do they still act like they support me when I complain about this woman? But behind the scene they talk to this woman and maintain a good relationship w/her? I thought that once divorce is final no more contact w/ex families period? I feel so stupid for telling them what we have gone through w/this woman knowing now that they are friends w/her. I don't feel like visiting them anymore. Please give me your input on this, I would really appreciate it.

Stepson...whimpy,cries over everything!

happy mom's picture

Can someone enlighten me please.... SS cries over everything he is 10. Ex. if I tell to stop teasing his sister, he'll cry to himself, if we tell him no to something he'll do the same cry. Is this because he is spending too much time w/his mother and his mother baby's him? Or it doesn't have anything to do w/who guides him most? Has anyone been through this? Not to sound mean but I a bit bothered by his reactions especially because he is a boy. What will come in the future when he is an adult?

Just frusterated!

sweetthing's picture

This isn't really ex or step kid related, more of a husband rant.

Recently DH took a different job in his company. He was unhappy doing what he was doing so he took another postion. He didn't get a raise, but is now hourly not salary and because of his hours switching kids have to go to Ycare after school. This costs us more money & makes me have to skip taking lunch/breaks so I can leave at 3pm or so to drive 45 minuets to pick them up again this week, because they have him off site & for lATER HOURS.

The Problem

uhm's picture

So, I have two children from a previous marriage and one child from the current relationship I'm in. My BF has a daughter who is 11. When she is around, I'm a total b****. I get frustrated and get anxiety attacks for no reason. She isn't a bad kid - BUT she shows off. It's mainly "look at what i got" or "did you know..." I really can't stand it. It might sound shallow, but her appearance also frustrates me. She's overweight, wearing a size 12 women's when she was 9. I'm overweight wearing a size 10 after 3 children and I'm only 5 feet tall.

I think BM is contesting divorce to hang on to hubby

Shar's picture

Court gave her everything and she is coming back for more....because she wont get off her butt and get educated and work. She doesnt want her husband, but she doesn't want anyone else to have him nor does she ever want him to have money or a life......oh and of course if the divorce goes through, she will have no benefits...only kids will. Hopefully court will throw it out, but he hasnt been paying his court ordered amount of 4200 a month.

Light at the end of the tunnel? ( I just hope it's not a train !)

Steamed's picture

The representative from the college was at our house last night. This is a school that SS says he has wanted to go to since he was 12. The rep asked a lot of questions, we asked a lot of questions, and SS says he wants to do it, the rep qualified him on the spot and we paid the initial $100 to get him registered.Classes start end of April, and he can live with his uncle since his house is about 30 minutes from the school.

Stupid Me

Nymh's picture

So I told you that BM contacted me with ligitimate discussion topics and I spoke to her. Well, during that conversation she asked if I would be OK making my Myspace public again, and she would do the same, so as to hopefully alleviate some of the trust issues between us and hopefully the reduced tension would trickle down and ultimately make things easier on SS. I gave thought to the idea, made all of my blogs private so that she couldn't read them, and made my Myspace public.