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The Bill Arrived

kim1960's picture

Well we got the bill from the attorney in the mail yesterday. So far we have spent $3420.54 and what did we get for it? The judge gave DH the tax exemption every other year, which we already had according to the divorce decree. The judge basically upheld it. Dh's wages will not be garnished, he was late once, in January, when she was out of state for the month and the check was waiting on her when she got back. All of BM 's contempt charges against DH were dropped.

I had to call the police on MIL

laughterandtears's picture

MIL calls about 9:oopm, saying she's right by my house and she is comming over. I told her it was too late as all the kids were in bed. She said she was comming anyway. So I shut and locked the doors and went ot bed myself. Before I could even get into bed, there was banging on my door. Not wanting to wake the kids, I went ot answer the door. MIL was drunk, I mean swaying, slurring her words drunk. I told her to go home and sleep it off. She said she was here to get the kids and proceeded to push her way past me in the house.


morgan's picture

I need some serious help. My husband and I have been married for almost 9 years. I helped raise three out of four of his kids. All are now grown except for the youngest who is almost 17. I have no kids of my own. The problem I am having is the fact I have been trying to conceive for the past year and have not been able to do so. It really has been an emotional struggle for me to figure out that it may not happen for me. This really,really hurts. To rub salt in the wounds we found out one month ago that my 19 yr old step daughter is pregnant(out of wedlock by a complete loser).

Communication with BM

proud mom's picture

Ok here is the deal H2B is out of town for work won't be back until maybe Thursday. We had SD for the weekend and an extra day so I took her to school on Monday (H2B left at 4am) so anyway SD is 6 in Kindergarten so i did not feel it was right to try and send her suitcase to school with her along with her back pack so I called H2b and he agreed it was to much for her to carry and the he would contact BM and make arrangement to get the suit case to her when he returned home.

as the world turns

lmdavi0's picture

so after going to court AGAIN to set up court-ordered telephone times for dh and sd10, he still doesn't get to talk to her! i told dh to go back to court but he is just so fed up with all of it. but what did he expect? that bb was just going to turn over a new leaf and try to do what is right for her daughter, and not what is soooo fun for her? hardly. she loves control, as i told dh, and this is just another way to get 'back' at him for leaving her and causing her to make such a miserable, white trash life for herself. geeesh!

Please help. What do I do?

Little Jo's picture

I called Child Support today in regards to the investigation.
They are telling me they can't figure out how DK got my info. It wasn't through their office. So, I talk to BF. He does not know the name of the company she works for, but the company is one of 2 companies that make the credit cards. An company based out of Utah issues the cards & a company out of North Carolina makes the actually cards. Child support told me I should call the police.

Is she required to give us her address?

missangie1978's picture

The psycho BM is moving back into the state and wants to change visitation, that's no thte problem. The problem is that she won't give us her physical address. We're worried that she's living with her ex and they've had 3 domestic violence scenes where the police were called and my fiancee had to go and pick-up his son.

Isn't she required to give us the address? We can't get in to see our lawyer until Monday so I'm hoping someone here will know.



marika's picture

SD got a letter from HUD on Saturday, telling her that they may have an apartment for her and her son! She has an application to fill out and an appointment on Monday. Could it be that DH and I will be getting our lives back soon?