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Daddys Little Girl

VJUELW's picture

Hello everyone I have a had a horrible weekend and it was so ridiculous. Please tell me your opinion on this. Friday my boyfriend realized he forgot his moms bday (it was 2 weeks ago). He panicks, tells me, and now I'm freaked becuase I had no idea it was her bithday either and i feel terrible that nothing was done for her. So we agree to have them come up and make them dinner, we got her flowers and I spent 2 hours making a bday cake for her. His mom was cool about him forgetting cuz shes alot older and prefers to not talk about her age, etc.

SS weird behavior...biomom brainwashing him?

happy mom's picture

everytime i see ss right after he has been w/his mom, he is quite the whole time he is in my car on our way home. it's like biomom tells him something just before he sees us. what is with that attitude? i can't stand it, then i ask him is there something bothering you? he says no. it's like he thinks about what his mother had just said to him and ignore me and my daughter. what could she be telling him? not to speak to us? i can't ask ss cause he'll just go back to his mother and tell her what i asked him, then she'll get all upset that i'm harrasing this kid.

Just shows how evil she is

slchance's picture

I asked SS if he was going to be in the wedding, and he said yes. That is wonderful, but it is irritating that she schedules it for a weekend that we are supposed to have him and has not said one word about it to us. She has only asked us to keep him Spring Break which is the week after that. And she did not even say why, but told my mother-in-law that they were going to Hawaii. All this is no problem, I just wish she would communicate more effectively instead of just assuming that everyone is going to do as she plans. What if we had planned something for that Saturday?

DH was defensive & fresh and I'm not happy.

Bonus Wife's picture

DH is supposed to see ss at his usual time Wed at the ex wifes house to watch TV together...However, this week DH promised me he'd take me somewhere cause I have night blindness. When I suggested that instead of going there WEd night, he pick up ss Thur night and then bring him home to our house for a few days...(no school Fri.)he got all friggin defensive and got in a sour mood. I thought spending a few "days" with his son at our new place would be better than the 1 hour on Wed at his old house but I was informed it wasn't! He said, "It's not the same." That's what they are used to.

Baby Mama from hell

Lwaldon's picture

Ok so im 20 years old and my bf/fiance is 26. He has two beautiful little girls the ages of 7 and 4. they currently live with there mother about 80 miles away from us. Recently we just found out that we are 5 weeks preg. with my first and his third child. When i met my fiance he was seperated and finally with my help got an attorney and started the divorce. First of all we started the divorce in august of 2006 and are still not through ! for several differnt reasons that i just dont have the patience to type. The problem we are having is that the Baby mama ( BM) wont leave us alone.

I need HELP!

kris's picture

I have been with my husband for 6yrs. I have 2 kids of my own he has a daughter and we have one together. My stepdaughter has been threw hell with her parents not being together and her mom would move where my husband could not see her. Well she is 8 yrs and I have been having problems with her. She does not like me at all and I have done everything in the past to make her like me. but she knows how to work her dad as far as she likes to tell stories about me to get me in trouble with him. Well she was with us this past weekend.

Happy news! Woo hoo!

Caitlin's picture

My tax refund was deposited into my account today. What does this have to do with stepparenting, you might ask? Well, it has everything to do with the official blending of our family in fact.

This tax refund will finance the lawyer we are retaining to finalize the divorce from his ex, after 4 long years of her refusing to close it and us sitting idly by, completely impotent to her power because we could never afford a lawyer to give her the smackdown.

At a loss

Little Jo's picture

Last night BF & BM talked and BM said she was still on the same page with the whole finding out how to get the 14 y.o. removed from the home for awhile to get the much needed help. BM said the two youngest could stay with us until Wednesday. o.k, o.k.

What should I do?

bluepixie828's picture

Well I'm new to the "stepmother" thing or at least I will legally be in July. I've known my future husbands son since he was two and now he's eight. We have a great relationship , I have no problems with my future SS. All my problems lie with his BM. Let me star by saying we are all very youn, I'm 26, he's 26, and she's 25! We're all babies still! So to get back to the story, I have many issues with the "EX"! I have nothing to do with why thier relationship did not work out. They were finished long before I came along.