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SD Is still rebelling but we aren't interested

Sweetie's picture

It has been an interesting weekend here in hot GA to say the least. We got over 6 inches of rain Saturday. Yikes! You could float. I previously wrote that I had gotten a note from my SD biomom last week. I knew she was away from work from 5/31-7/15. But I looked today at my SD old xanga blog, cause I knew biomom, wouldn't be gone long, before SD started writing again. SD is making smart comments about my DH being MIA. He isn't MIA, just doesn't want to deal with her, biomom, and anything from the situation at all.

Vacation Plans for over 6 months.....

FlaminMama's picture

So we are going to the beach and we leave this week on Friday. We have had these plans forever..... So yesterday my ss's grandmother (the ex's mom) tells my husband that the ss doesn't want to come anymore because he will miss 4 games and 2 birthday parties. I am more than a little upset. I mean this is a family vacation. My sister and her husband and kids, my mom and dad, and then the five of us ss and sd included. Should I be upset or just let it go.....

How do you suddenly develop allergy to Peanuts?

Sweetie's picture

I've got a really curious question, how can you suddenly after years of eating billions of PB&J sandwiches suddenly as a 17 yr old develop an "allergic" reaction and get welts on one side of your face? Doesn't that seem strange? My SD is one heck of a drama diva. She is now going around with an epipen and convinced biomom she's allergic to peanuts. Pretty strange, when every summer I sent her to PB&J sandwiches to summer camp. It sounds more like a shellfish allergy or getting into somekind of drugs or alcohol experimentation to me.

Never Get A Break

Sweetie's picture

Well, I had my scheduled meeting with the county property assessor's office. My husband and I didn't expect a break--and we didn't get one. There are some major issues in the county for where we are located about collecting on old taxes for monies that should have been collected and now they are trying to play catch up. So, people in our housing price bracket are the ones penalized. I couldn't understand how in 4 months, our land value increased over $6K. Well, it wasn't the land, it was the $7K in improvements we had done, fencing and a secondary access road.

Ex's sister coming to town for visit

Sherrylyn's picture

I receied an e-mail from my husbands ex's sister last week. She and her husband are coming for a visit and want to visit with us. The ex runs hot and cold with her sister, and I'm not even sure if the ex knows she's coming to town.

They'll be in town for a week and I have TOLD my family that we will be MAKING THE TIME. The boys haven't seen their mom for 2 months or so. Maybe this will force a visit. I would feel better if they did keep the contact up, they will never know when they will want it.

Summer Scheduling

FlaminMama's picture

So this summer we have decided with biomom to let the kids come live with us for a week at a time and alternate back and forth between the two households. This all steps from the fact the the ss (11 yrs old) wnats to come live with us. How conveinent for her that she has her parents set up camping trips for a week long on the weeks we are supposed to have them. Just so he can't see what it would be like to live with us. What to do???