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BF3 and his counselling RE: increased access to SS(Longish)

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Well what an interesting adventure this has been......
Session one and two are individual sessions at separate times session three and four BM and BF3 together.
Due to BF3 having his tonsils out 5 days before his first session he asked if I could attend which was sweet but the rest BM has asked that I not be allowed to attend. Apparently because this has nothing to do with me.......

First session: BF3 wanted EOW 6pm friday till 6pm Sunday. BM counter offer was 1pm Sunday till 4pm sunday with SS only (currently we have SS and his siblings which aren't BF3 at this alotted time) and 1 over night a month but his sisters would have to stay also.

Session Two: BF3 offered 4pm Saturday till 4 pm sunday weekly for the next three months as SS is only 15 months and although he has stayed with us twice in that time has never been away from BM more that 24hrs in one go and SS siblings are NOT be included in any agreement that is made. BM offered 8am till 4pm every sunday, NO over nights and that SS siblings are now no longer involved in any access of ours with SS.

Session three is on Tuesday. Still on the table is access with SS while BM is away overseas in September. Currently she is leaving all 3 children with BF1 who only sees the children out BM's home once a month for 6 hrs when they play happy little families :sick: ( BM is still in love with BF1) Also still needing to be discussed is holidays as BM has stated we can't take SS in see MIL who live 6 hrs away as BM hate her!!!