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What does this mean?

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Okay received a response back from Child Support in regards to the email I sent. (see prior blog)

So does anyone really know what this means? I will research it more to see if its something we would want to pursure. But if anyone here has first hand experience filing a recourse, or how to go about that, I would appreciate hearing about it.

From Child Support:

In May 2014 we stopped charging for MSD. Since that termination is over if you have new information that wasn't given to the agency, your recourse is to file with the court and ask them to adjust the emancipation of MSD back to her 18th birthday.


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That is what I am hoping. I can file paperwork if needed or figure out what I need to do. I am a paralegal but for Federal Banking Laws! Awwww why aren't I in family court? LOL

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I'd imagine it would be straight forward like most CS modifications are in our state. They send you paperwork to fill out about income & etc, send Bm the same stuff, & sak you for evidence that MSD wasn't lving with BM. & her for evidence she was.

That's all just a guess though. I'm sure you could look through the paperwork to file & see how difficult it looked.

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My best friends husband is a lawyer, I am going to send him an email and see what he suggests.

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True ^^^

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I don't think you actually need a lawyer though. You'd have to research it, but you can file for yourself - DH did that for CS modification.

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if you have new information that wasn't given to the agency

That new information would be the proof of when she dropped out of school. Then it should be a matter of filling out the proper paperwork, filing it with the court (no lawyer needed) and wait for an answer.

So, you need that proof of her dropping out of school and when.

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Cool. That is what I am trying to get from the school.

What really irks me is that I asked CS to follow up about 5 months back because I had a feeling... and they gave me some generic answer. So I asked DH to call the school and he said he called and confirmed she was enrolled. Not sure that I believe him. Knowing DH he might have just told me what he thought I wanted to hear and didnt want to be bothered with it at the time. Especially if it would mean finding out that his precious daughter really wasnt going to school.

Not sure if she officially withdrew though. Thinking not. I just know she didnt graduate because she didnt have enough credits. She only had to take like 1 or 2 classes a day in the morning and she couldnt even manage that. She went into her Senior year AHEAD of the game- with most credits.

Not sure if the school considers a student withdrawn or not enrolled if they dont go to school for a certain period of time. And especially if they are 18 like MSD.

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Yeah, enrolled is one thing. I would be talking to somebody at the school and getting real answers (or go there, it sometimes gets better results). I mean, we are talking about a few thousand dollars, right? Not just a couple hundred.

Don't ever expect CS to "follow up" on a damn thing.

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It depends on when she stopped going to school. 6 months from the time she turned 18 to when school was over.

She could have never of went back to school for senior year...She could have stopped going 4 months ago or 2 months ago...

Either way.. overpaying BM even for 1 month is 1 month too much.

As long as I can find out and file for free that I am going to get that money back. (if she really wasnt in school)