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OSD's has a boyfriend (and her life in the past year)

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July 2015- OSD comes and picks up her skids from our state, everything is happy happy happy. The BM is finally letting her DH see the kids.

August 2015- OSD, her DH and their 2 kids move back to our state because they missed family. They basically packed whatever they could from their trailer into their Bronco and headed out.

August 2015- gskids turn 1 and 2

September 2015- the US Marshals come for OSD at BM's house because she stole from her job in previous state.

September 2015- present- SS starts telling us about OSD's DH's drug abuse

December 2015- OSD and DH are getting along very well, very much in love and travel to see her DH's brother in another state.

Late winter/early spring 2016- OSD cheats on her DH because he is an abusive drug addict and never home.

Late winter/early spring 2016- OSD and her DH get back together they are in love, post it all over FB.

June 2016- OSD and her DH get into a fight and he hits her. She files charges and he goes to jail. She announces on FB that they are divorcing.

July 2016- OSD is back with her DH.

July 2016- OSD and her DH split up again.

August 2016- OSD has a new boyfriend.

Also during this year she has worked at 4 different jobs. The gkids have been at 3 different day cares. They have gotten a kitten and a puppy.

This has been a busy year for OSD...


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Of course they got a kitten and a puppy! All of these hot messes seem to think getting pets is the solution! Yes, let's drag innocent animals into this! URGH

Now, are those even HER kids or are they her skids? If they're her skids why are they still with her?

What a mess!

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Her and her DH have 2 kids- Girl soon to be 2 and Boy soon to be 3. He also has 2 kids I think they are 9 and 11.

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Ugh those poor kids. Doomed they are... like so many others. Sad
Did you ever find out if MSD is pregnant??

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Other then the two pregnancy related posts that she was tagged in on FB, no. I'm sure by winter time I will know. LOL.

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Why do people insist on dragging their kids through a life of hell? If you're so in love with an addict who is beating your ass, just give the kids to someone who is willing/able to give them a stable home.

Kids shouldn't have to suffer because of their parents' poor choices

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Selfish. At least that's the case with our BM's. Skids are the puppet strings that BMs use to control. Kids are just a paycheck, and a pawn to be used as leverage as a way to keep their ex at their mercy for 18 years (and beyond)

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Well she's supposedly done with her DH now... since she has a new man. So I guess in that way it's good that the kids aren't seeing that anymore. But considering how fast she moved on... that isn't good either.

She is a mess. And its the kids who will suffer.

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She sounds like she's addicted to the drama. I have no studies to back this up but I think the adrenaline and endorphin rush of a fight is like a quick acting drug. I've seen people that swear they hate drama but then they put themselves in to some trashy dramatic situation over and over again. It's like people that swear they're going to quit drinking and then find themselves at a bar that night. When I was in my abusive marriage, I found myself feeling lost if there was not a dramatic fight to participate in. I had become so conditioned to living in a constant state of tension that it felt uncomfortable when there wasn't any. But once I had him arrested and he sat in jail for a while, I re learned how to live my life in a more relaxed state. Hopefully her new boyfriend is a better match. My money is on that he's probably addicted and abusive like her former man. Doesn't sound like she took any time to really reflect on why she keeps going back to her abuser and what she needs to do in order to provide a more stable life for herself and her children. But oh well. Not your circus, not your monkey!!

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It makes perfect sense to me. My mom is that way. She has been dating this guy for damn near 10 years and she swears she just can't stand this horrible monster. "He is so embarrassing! He is so argumentative! I can't stand him!" But I'll be danged if she will break up with him. I pondered it for a long time and the best I can tell is that she keeps going back to him in order to get her "fix." She gets embroiled in my sibling's drama but keeps whispering to me how much she hates it. I've told her before to change her number and tell everyone that you don't want to hear it anymore. But no... Year after year she continues to insert herself in to other people's business and then complains about it. That's why we only talk once a week for about 5 minutes. I broke my drama habit and have no desire to pick it back up.

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This is my niece. Not high drama or anything truely harmful, just gossip and bad dates and always fighting with her sons father.

She is constantly saying how much she hates the drama with her ex but that's all she ever talks about!
I told her to block his number. They both know when visitation is and if she really needed to communicate with him she could take the block off. But no, she'll read his texts and take his calls, then complain about how abusive he is!

It's maddening to watch.

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She had to go back to the state that she stole from and she had court there. I think she only got probation.