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Follow up to “here we go again”

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You guys are absolutely right. This is feeding the narcissist OSS ego. He's the one that has "issues" that HE refuses to deal with through doing the work and seeing someone on his own, so, once again the whole "family" has to be involved with him at the center. 

 This is some extreme dysfunctional behavior on ALL of their parts my DH included. Thanks for helping me see it. Now I'm pissed. (Previous blog about this deleted) 


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Best to change the subject every time your spouse brings it up. Shut it down - leave the room.

If he wants to submit himself to abuse, let him do it by himself.

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I would be pissed too!  Entertaining that bullshit is ridiculous and it's not going to get your husband anything.  It's just going to reinforce the idea that he is to blame for all of SS's problems, all while SS avoids doing any of his own work.  I like the response that ESMOD put together. 

Your husband needs to take a long, hard look at how much more of this he's willing to take. 

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Copy pasted and said "THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT I THINK OSS NEEDS TO BE TOLD!" DH didn't disagree then called one of the other kids to find out if THEY felt mommy dearest should be included. To be honest, I've sensed some kind of BS like this coming the only positive I can see coming from it is it possibly being put to rest, or everyone so pissed off at each other that we never have to attend a family get together again LOL. 

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Just remind your DH when he comes home from this three day manipulation, emotionally and mentally exhausted if he even gives one whiff of disrespect to you because he's feeling like dog sh*t he can go find another place to stay until he detoxes and is ready to be a good husband again.

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I'm feeling betrayed by this. Now I'M the one that's going to seek therapy over THIS bs. 

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He's done a poll on having mommy dearest attend. Then it was suggested that "hey let's make this annual" that really pissed me off. I've wanted very little to do with them since the disregard of the past year. Now this seals the deal. I'm really angry about this and not just at them. I think I'll seek therapy for this. I'm not joking. DH works from home. I left for the entire day so I don't blow a gasket. I'm feeling betrayed. I know I haven't been but this just feels like a slap in my face and I need to explore that aspect. 

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Hey, lets make it a monthly event!!  Zen, I feel for you.