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Love letter...

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I have been reading Stepmonster and I almost wanted to cry...because I really truly honestly have the best man in the world! Ok, I know you do too...but he is the best man I have ever been with...

I got to thinking...I need to write my FDH a love letter...letting him know it will all be ok, perfectly fine, wonderful, beautiful, that our love will survive all and everything that is placed in our way.

That we are strong, that he is empowered to do whatever he wishes with his life and he has my support. That i value the fact that he trusts me with the majority of the decisions and for him I would take a bullet.

I am honor to be with him! I told him he has seldom placed me second and when he has I've expressed my disappointment and he has corrected...I can't ask for anyone more faithful and loving, more caring or honest.

I told him I love him and I am here... for the rest of our lives. I am here regardless of his past or mine and we will not allow anyone to take any of "our time" away by living in the past.

HE ALMOST CRIED...his eyes filled up with tears and he...just looked at me and said "you are an incredible woman"

Ladies & Gents...write a LOVE LETTER...


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I think you will be surpised at the outcome.

It's such a positive and beautiful thing to do for shows you are seriously thinking of "them".

These are men, that in my opinion are caught inbetween and we as their "mentor, lover, and friend" can really help them embrace their guilt and their love.

My FDH gets up early 5am (without an alarm clock) goes to work, deals with crap from customers, bm, skids and me and then comes home and does the lawn, the weeds, etc...i need to honor that...for what it is.

I love him and I will never let him feel that he is not loved or cared for.

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Go do it! I wrote it in my journal. I handed him my journal and he read it...I wanted it to be a permenant part of our history together. Love is hard without all the 1st marriage drama, love is better if you acknowlegde his part and yours in the 2nd marriage. -- ZEN

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You're so right, it's very important to do these things to let the other person know how much you love and appreciate them.

I have these mini post-its and every day DH and I write something that we love about each other and stick it up on the fridge. Smile