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"Being a step-parent is a thankless job."- Kris Jenner/Kardashian

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So I'm not really a fan of Kris Jenner who is the mother of the Kardashians . Bruce Jenner is the stepfather of Kim, Khloe, Kourtney and Robert Kardashian. Rob said some pretty hurtful comments that really bothered Bruce . In the show when Kris Jenner addresses the situation she acknowledged how being a step parent is a thankless job and is not always recognized . I really appreciate that!


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Well Kris Jenner would the stepmother to HIS kids with his first wife. I wonder if he ever sees them?

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Funny you say that. The preview for next week's episode is his children needing her for I am assuming her connections and her not wanting to give them.

On a side note - I think they chose to live with their mother

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I didnt really post the comment to expect sympathy for them or to ask anyone's opinion of the show. I just thought that was good quote relating to what we walk about on this site. I am still a little confused as to the point of your comment bc It is completely off topic and the trash blah blah blah comment is sort of hypocritical when your first statement is boo f-king who .

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Honey - blah blah blah Kris Jenner is a female. You don't even know what you r talking about. You are ranting and raving about a person you think is a male . Why are you so angry? Breathe it's ok noone is trying to praise the male or female version of kris Jenner .