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sugar overload

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So BM wanted us to bring SS to the parade she was walking in so that he could ride in their float thing. We decided that he would have fun doing that so we agreed. We were also bring BD because we didn't want to find a babysitter and we knew she would also have fun. We asked BM to let us know what time and where to meet ASAP. At 3:45 she text and said "just head to my work now" I told her that we had nothing ready and that we needed to know ahead of time so that we could get the kids packed and ready. I also asked her why we had to be to her work at 4 if the lineup wasn't until 6:30. We ended up meeting her at her work at 5:30 and stood around waiting for the parade to start til 7:30. The whole time we are waiting SS was being the biggest brat ever. I have never seen him act this way. It was beacause there was candy around. At first BM was feeding him candy after candy after candy. Then she gave a bunch to SO. SO was like what is this for?? She goes "it's how you keep him good." We look at each other with the "are you serious" look on our faces. SO goes "yeah, but that isn't how you train them to be good. Yeah he will be good so long as he is getting candy... the second he gets no more candy... he is a terror." The entire parade she was loading him full of candy. He was already in trouble and got things taken away and he didn't eat dinner so we told him no treats. Then of course she has the balls to say "you can just take him home with you tonight, I would have to drop him off at 8 tomorrow any ways." So now that he is bouncing off the walls on a sugar overload and it is already 9:30 at night... you are going to tell us we can have him on your night. That's fine but then when we told you to stop with the candy... maybe you should have listened. SS finally fell asleep at about midnight last night. My main problem is that he didn't learn a single lesson last night. He was the biggest ass he could be and he got rewarded with candy, more candy, and staying up late. He talked back, whined, threw fits, did everything we told him not to (climbed fences, ran in the road without looking or asking, and was completely disrespectful to everyone around) and he got away with it. I told SO before the parade even started that we should walk back to the car and tell him he blew it. It was getting late, almost BD's bed time, he in no way deserved to ride in the bullet thing he rode in or get candy. Of course SO wouldn't because then SS would miss out on something. Maybe that is what SS needed. He is back to being a brat today and I have had enough. I hate to yell at him all day because it is the first day of summer break and SO already thinks I am too harsh on him and only yell at him but I can't take it.


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OMG you stood no chance with this! The BM knew she was getting your SS high on sugar and probably was playing stupid but walking away laughing..I dunno. Any kid would get wacked out and crabby eating a lot of sugar and he had to stand around waiting too. Yikes!!! I can see why you got fed up, neither parent put their foot down or set limits. At that rate you are in for a long summer.