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SO told BM she is nothing more to him than the box SS9 came in!!!!!

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I know that it's not very nice but I laughed sooooo hard when he said that!! BM has been causing all kinds of drama lately. BM and I got in an argument in public at SS9s activity (SS did not see but others did). SO has now banned us both from going to the activity for awhile. I am still deciding whether or not to honor the ban as I figure since I pay for the activity, I can go if I want to. But I also see the wisdom of staying away from BM for awhile, so we'll see.
Anyway the current drama came about because BM called SO regarding the text he sent banning her from SS9s activity. During the discussion, she had the nerve to tell him that she was upset that he did not defend her during the argument. SO asked BM why she thought he should defend her and BM said "Because I am the MOTHER of your CHILD and I know you still love me to some degree"
SO said "I hate to break it to you but after everything that you did to me (she cheated) you are nothing more to me than the box SS9 came in. You should be ashamed of the way you acted." BM got mad and hung up.
I think it was harsh and he shouldn't have said it, but it was DAMN funny!!!!


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Sorry.... Box??!

Did SS9 also come with a receipt? If he did then your DH might still be able to return him for store credit.

Just a thought.

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The box?!? Maybe THAT's where that slang term came from...

If you stooped to having it out at the kid's activity, I'd stay away. Kids should never have to deal with out of control adults. Sad

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He can't ban BM from her son's activities, but he can ban you as his wife. It takes two to "have it out" at a child's activity, too. Also, he made a baby with her, so he obviously didn't think she was "just a box" or "trash" until it suited him to say that to his next woman.

I refuse to hear anything disrespectful, like "box" or "trash", out of a man about his BM because I believe if they divorce their current woman one day, that is how the man would talk about his current GF/wife. I think that was really low class of Dad to say to the mother of his child and not funny at all, regardless of whether she cheated on him or not, so the hell what? That has nothing to do with being the mother and father to that child. This is also not any of the current GF/wife's business or place to get into it with the mother at her child's activity. It's your choice to give your man money for him to pay for his kid's activity or not, but that does not mean you can dictate his parent's involvement whatsoever.

May be time to back off a bit and stay away from activities. and "but stepkid wants me there" doesn't cut it. Half the time they will say that to anyone even if they really don't so the adult isn't pissed off or offended, but I am sure they would rather their parents be there and no embarrassing 'having it out' occurring at their activity.

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i think it's hilarious and it's very refreshing to see someone's SO put a BM in their place that now has regrets about their divorce.

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I give him kuddos for putting the BM in her place. From the sounds of it, DH wasn't taking sides one way or the other, he just didn't want arguments at the child's functions. The BM had no right to call to complain how he didn't stick up for her. It's not his place or job to do so. She is the mother of the child, yes....but you are his wife. I honestly believe the wife should come before the BM. The previous relationship the BM had with DH is over and gone. The only responsibility they have with is to do what is best for the child.