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Dental Bill Debacle

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In the divorce decree it states that BOTH are to provide medical and dental, split any unreimbursed fees / co-pays. In CA that is quite common. About 3 years ago BM lost her job. She contacted my DH and asked if it was ok if she used our medical and dental until she found another job. COBRA was outrageously expensive so it was totally understandable. Being a nice person my DH said no problem and provided her with the cards. She became employed about a month after that. Fast forward to a year ago when one of my SS needed a physical for sports. My DH gets a call from her that the Dr’s office wasn't accepting the insurance or something to that effect. (Well we had switch our PCP) When my husband told her this he also asked why she was still using his insurance. Long story short she never enrolled the boys on her new insurance and had been using our for the past 3 years. Why is this a button for me??? Well about 6 years ago my DH was laid off and lost his insurance, this was right before we were married. She allowed him to use her insurance for the boys only if he paid half of what they were taking out of her checks for them. See where I’m going with this…So my DH tells her that she can continue to use his insurance but he is not going to split the co-pays or unreimbursed medical (within reason) since he is the only one paying for insurance. Last week I took all of the boys for a dental checkup. One of my SS’s had 2 cavities and needed to have them filled. I told my DH that the BM would have to take him back for that because he freaks out and I’m not dealing with it. My DH tells me last night that she called him from dentist freaking out about the $100 that was the patient responsibility. So what does my DH do… offers to pay half of course! It’s like she calls him and gets mad about something and he just rolls over. It totally pisses me off! I was so mad last night I didn’t even say anything to him when he was explaining the situation. If it were me I would have told her “Look Biotch, if you don’t like MY insurance then enroll the boys on yours!“ But no, it’s just easier to give her whatever she wants. It may sound petty but the fact that this woman runs all over him just totally turns me off.


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Unfortunately it would take an act of God to get my husband to file anything with the court. It was a nasty custody battle. 2 years and $20k later in legal bills and he ended up getting screwed because she is “the mom”. I guess the part that bothers me most is that we never send her bills for half of the med/den. We have a $10 dental co-pay and a $30 med co-pay. I'd feel kind of stupid sending her a bill for $5 or $15. But guess what…now that this happened, that exactly what I am going to do!Err…my husband is going to do. Wink