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My ex husband is over communicating when the kids could be dealing with stuff independently

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What would be the best way to end an ex husbands over communication over text about the kids? I have 17yo twins and my son is almost 17. Admittedly... I have been the one to over communicate.... Advising ex about things about school trips, school events etc.

What's new on the step kids front

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Nothing. Nothing is new. My husband still sees them in their city maybe once every 3 months. Think - fathers day and birthdays etc and maybe 1 or 2 random days more... He hasn't talked of camping or climbing or anything with them or vacations over the summer... And I don't ever ask if he is going to try to do such things although sometimes I wonder to myself why he doesn't try to get together with them more than he does. Usually they go to lunch and then hike or go to a record store.