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Parenting at its Best!!!

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This was in Dear Abby's column today:


DEAR ABBY: This is difficult to write. My sister reads her children's text messages after they're asleep. She bragged to me about how popular her daughter "Naomi" -- my 14-year-old niece -- is because she's giving oral sex to the boys.
My sister claims Naomi isn't "having sex," so she thinks it's OK! I am shocked by her ignorance and terrified knowing that Naomi is putting herself at risk for STDs. My husband says if I confront Naomi it will drive her away, but I can't remain silent and watch my niece ruin her life. What's the point of reading your children's text messages if you're unwilling to stand up and be a parent? What can I do? -- TERRIFIED FOR MY NIECE IN THE SOUTHWEST

DEAR TERRIFIED: Your sister's parenting skills are appalling. Her daughter isn't "popular"; she is promiscuous -- and her mother is allowing it. Do your niece a favor and talk to her, because oral sex is sex, and she is putting herself at risk for a number of sexually transmitted diseases.

The Sexuality Information and Education Council has a wealth of information resources and tools for addressing this important subject. Its website,, helps with discussing sexuality-related issues and provides information for young people, parents and caregivers.
Other reliable resources include Planned Parenthood's and the American Social Health Association website,, which is also a safe place for teens to learn about sexual health.


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I'm hoping that the aunt involves the authorities. And that somehow this 'mom' is arrested for allowing this to go on.

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Gag! I agree that the girl is not popular, but rather a slut. I dont blame the poor girl-obviously she knows no better and is not taught any morals or values at home.

I would take her out to lunch and just talk to her. Dont preachy-but tell her how beautiful she is and that she deserves a guy who truly knows and cares about her-not just the fact that she's willing to give a blow job.