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The nerve of some people!!!

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Yesterday, I was at the store with my 2 1/2 year old and he was screaming bloody murder and throwing the biggest fit ever, so I abandoned our cart and set him down on the floor, got on his level and said "I will count to ten and you better shape up or you get a spankin." I was calm about it, I don't react to temper tantrums I just try to stay calm. He gets a swat on the butt when he is super naughty (not very often I do this). Some lady overheard me and said "If you spank that child I will call the police." I was shocked and dumbfounded. I told her she needs to mind her own business. Who in their right mind would approach an obviously stressed out mother of a screaming child and comment on her parenting style? I certainly wouldn't in fear of getting punched!
After I told her to mind her biz, she told me it's normal for young, single mothers to abuse their child. Are you kidding me? I almost spanked HER!

I think there is a fine line between spanking and hitting. Some children need to get spanked, but I don't believe in spanking your kid out of frustration!

I just had to get it out, it's been bothering me all day!


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the single mother comment has me wondering...what the hell made her think xtina is a single mother? just because a person is in the store alone with their child doesn't mean they are single, and even if they are, i've known plenty of single mothers who did a good job, and just as many married mothers who screwed it all up, like mine did.

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EXACTLY!! That's what I thought too! Apparently, only single mothers have children misbehave in public. What a judgemental bitch.

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She did tell me that she has 4 children, all of whom were NEVER spanked. I'm sure they are much better people because of it! NOT. I bet they are a bunch of losers like their mom!

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busybody dumb bitch old hag. i would have told her to go right ahead and call, and here's my address, too. she's f'g stupid if she thinks the police are going to do anything about you swatting a kid on the butt. abuse has to be proven, and one call from a nosy bitch in public who knows not a damn thing about you isn't going to get it done. the fact that she says it's "normal" speaks volumes of her ignorance. i might also have told her that it's normal for me to beat the shit out of people who stick their nose in my business.

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If she would have called the police, and say the police looked at the security footage, they would laugh in her face.

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It would be hard for me to contain myself and she may end up needing a reason to call the police. People are so ignorant. In all reality, I probably would have looked at her like she was crazy and then completely acted as if she hadnt spoken.

I hear ALL the time people threatening, yelling, screaming at their kidssayign horrible things. It breaks my heart a little. I would actually prefer to hear someone in a calm, rational manner tell their child they were getting a spanking if they did not behave.

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I did that too recently at some hag biddy who didn't like my dog, she seriously regretted starting her sh*t with me! We got very personal with each other but let's just say she will never insult my dead dad again!!!!

Sometimes you have to defend yourself

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What a dumb cow. You handled it perfect though.

I actually think it is freaking funny to see a kid get a little spanking out in public when they are being little turds. Yes, I know that is not politically correct, but don't really care. At least the parent is doing something.

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Right!! I would rather see a parent spank the kid for being a brat than the brat scream and scream and the parent not do anything!

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Where are all the, "You're a horrible mom for HITTING your kid" comments? You know, all the I'm such a great mom that you should be parenting the way I parent comments and the , your kid is going to grow up to be a psychotic serial killer due to you abusing your child.
I'm with dog person on this one...just laugh at the nosy busy body. That's how I handle a lot of rude people and for the most part it just leaves them speechless and wondering.

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They are in their yogo class, and then they have to hurry off to the Organic Cafe to meet their spiritual guide.

Just kidding.

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You will be judged for your parenting choices for the restay of your life.

Spank ~ don't spank
Day care ~ nanny
Working mom ~ stay at home mom
Public school ~ private school ~ homeschool
Pay for your kids college ~ don't pay
TV\video games ~ not tv/video games

The list goes on and on.

Some will comment/judge to your face, most do it behind your back.

I sure as hell judge BM for her choices loud and clear and to her face.

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Holy Hell I'd have gone off on her, but that's me, I'm a bitch that way.

Seriously, though, I may have told her "go ahead a call the police. There's no law against reasonable corporal punishment between mother and child. I will then press charges against you for making false statements to the police and for harassment."

People like this drive me insane. Oh but they're the first one to look down on you because your toddler is screaming in public! Try to DO something about it and you're labeled a child abuser. Damn hypocrites.

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You should have yelled at the top of your lungs:

"NO NO NO DON'T TOUCH MY BABY. DON'T TOUCH MY BABY" like she was trying to abuse or kidnap your kid. }:) }:)

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That's awesome!

Or "NO LADY, You can not purchase my child for $200!! What is WRONG with you??".

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Well when the lady and I started going back and forth, he stopped his tantrum. No I didn't spank him. When we got outside I sat him on the trunk of my car and he said "sorry mama" and gave me a big hug.

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I was having lunch with my friend and her 2 yr old DD several weeks back in a busy restaurant and my friend's DD kept kicking the table hard. After being warned a few times that if she didn't stop she would be put in time out, my friend removed her from the table, hunkered down to inform her why she was putting her by the wall for 2 minutes. The time out space was in our line of sight and only a few meters from where we were sitting.

During this time out, two old men sitting at a table made several remarks about what a cruel mother my friend was, and they kept cooing at her DD to stop her from her crocodile tears.

I had to reassure my friend that she was indeed correct in putting her DD in time out, as she was deliberately baiting her mother by kicking the dinner table while we were trying to eat.

IMO these types of people either have zero idea and experience in dealing with tantruming children, have so much time on their hands they HAVE to meddle.

I would have smugly told her to see if she could stop my child having a fit and then whispered in DD's ear that she would get candy if she screamed if the lady came near her as loud as she could }:) Oh well, you can dream of doing this at any rate!

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i agree about the lack of experience. i picked bs4 up from my aunts over the summer. he had been there all day, hadn't seen me at all, it was hot and miserable and he was tired. he wanted me to hold him and he was whiny. my cousin who has no kids and no experience with kids told me i wasn't handling it right. apparently i was supposed to beat my son's ass for being tired and hot and missing me all day. :? sure, i'm gonna take parenting advice from someone who is 31 and still lives at home and has never so much as babysat a day in his life!

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I have been in retail for 20 years - from clerk to the HR position I hold now. I for one THANK YOU for not subjecting the store full of people to a screaming child. It gets old and irritating fast, especially 40 hours a week every week!. Then you see the screaming child get rewarded at the checkout with candy so they stop crying. Um, hello what did you teach the child? Scream bloody murder and you get candy! Sorry she was an ass.....most of the general public is, this I have also learned.

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What a meddler.

I had that issue with my son once. I let him lay on the floor and have his fit. I walked away. Quit pretty damn quick once he realized that mommy was leaving! He never did it again.

Of course, I kept an eye on him and didn't walk so far as to where I couldn't see him. I had warned him prior as well.

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I used to tell my kids that if they didn't shut up I was going to take them into the public bathroom and shove their head in the toilet bowl. Let me tell you, that would scare them shitless because at the time they were afraid of the FLUSHING. LOLOLOLOL! }:)

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I don't understand? I thought in today's world, 'spanking' was taboo, forbidden...blah blah blah???
But all these replies are in favor of the op???

What? are all you people living in the REAL WORLD????? What gives? where are all the anti-flavor of the day activists going nuts on this?????

xtina, loved the way you were handling the situation with your child, the fact that you dropped down to the same level (physically) to speak and in a calm manner.....

as for the other person, yeah, I feel sorry for her, she has no idea about the real world, don't know how she has been able to get along in life with THAT kind of attitude, but that's just it, they do get by with that attitude, in fact in some circles of society, they adore that! sad sad state of affairs.