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Dh is trying to fake it

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Well my Dh is trying to fake not being hurt by SD. She played him like fiddle. I think he is actually more embarrassed than anything for falling for it. Not sure if he is going to keep pursuing her or let it go. She quit talking to him 2 days after getting money from him. He asked her about school and she threw it in his face how they used his $300 to go to the horse races and spend the weekend at a resort. It all came out to be a completely fabricated story except the fact that BM really did dump all her kids and ran off.

Dinner date with SD

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DH went to dinner tonight with SD. They were having a good conversation and it was going really well until DH asked about where things stand and moving forward. SD said dinner/lunch dates, shopping, helping out with money, and short visits are okay. She asked about help with her drivers permit next year and maybe help with a car. She then told him absolutely no overnight visits, she will not live with him, and she decided she doesn't want to see any of DH's family, our kids, or me.  Lol what a little you know what!

So SD is back...sort of...a vent

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So since I last posted things took a weird turn. SD is now back in the picture sort of. We found out a lot of info at one time and still digging through the lies and processing everything. When SD left over a year and a half ago her main issue was my pregnancy with my daughter and that I would not terminate so she could be the only girl. According to the ex step father and SD, BM sat SD down and told her that DH said he couldn't be a big part of her life anymore because we were having a little girl who needed him more.