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can the  site be made that we don’t have to log back in every time like the previous site? 


Thank you.


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Or that the emojis (is that correct plural?) show up for me too rather than the text? I noticed some people it works for but others like me it does not. Is this due to a different browser settings or not being up to date with a plug in?

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I might be saying something that's obvious and I apologise if I am but..

could it be browser settings that means you have to keep logging back in? Maybe it's not saving them for steptalk since the changes? just a thought..

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The pop up of the emojis wont get off my screenI can only see half ow hat I am typing here

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Well, I am glad they are working for you! And I had to log in again this morning....

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I don't think it's the browser settings, because this is the only site I have to log back into.

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I too would stay logged in with the old site.  I am told that we have to have it this way for security reasons. 

That said, I can increase the time that it keeps you logged in but it would still end up logging you out eventually.

The emojis are a frustrating problem!!  Still working on it........

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The login is a nusiance. I left my messages open all night...only to have to log in again this morning. Sigh...

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Something I'm dealing with and it might be my server or my computer but I no longer have auto spell check.

Before if I spelt something wrong it would give me options for the correct word. If I didn't choose one of them and used the misspelt word it would be in Red. I could hover over it, right click and get the correct spelling.

I'm a terrible speller and rely much to much on spell check, I know.