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Spawn of Satan corrupts SS6 AGAIN!!

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I would say this is a shocker but being that I have been dealing with it almost 3's not. So, SS6 was supposed to be here last weekend (He stayed at his grandma and grandpa's ALL weekend except for like 2 hours that he was actually here *see SS6 let truth fly) and Spawn has yet again got SS6 thinking I am the devil, his dad doesn't want him, and that his Brother and sister (my bios) get more than he does.

SOMEONE please explain to me WTH is wrong with people these days?!? NO ONE knows what goes on in our house but my MIL (monster in law) is in cahoots with BM(spawn) and talks bad about ALL of us even her own son in front of SS6. SS6 has heard before by BM yelling at DH that "if it was BS2 you would drop everything to do it but since it is SS6 you don't care cause your a dead beat." Let me set this record straight REAL quick. SS6 gets what he wants when he wants it and how he wants it from ALL sides (DH's fam and BM's fam) and until about 5-6 months ago he got it from DH too. DH would yell at BS2 and discipline him but SS6 would be talked to or told to sit and "think about" what he did wrong with no other consequences. I got so sick of it that I right in front of ALL the kids yelled at DH after he got on to BS2 "he is 2 not 6 he doesn't know better because you let your GOLDEN CHILD get away with it and so how about you grow up and act like a real parent and discipline the child that starts the crap instead of just the one that is copying what is going on." Didn't go so well you think right...well your wrong. He started getting on to both. After that episode and after SS6 left that visit we sat and I TALKED while DH listened. I told him not to say a single word until I was done because I was so over the BS2 getting treated like crap, DD8 mos getting ignored, and myself having to pick up the pieces because HE couldn't deal with having 3 kids not just 1.

so now we are back to dealing with the SS6 hates us all, hurts his brother, ignores his sister, and if I even speak to him he shoots me evil looks and ignores me. I am beginning to think SS6 is going to be a lost cause since everyone treats him like he is a golden child and does no wrong except for us now. How do you stop all the others from treating BS2, DD8 mos, myself, and DH like we are doing whats RIGHT when they are doing whats WRONG. I mean even DH's parents show favoritism toward SS6 and don't want anything to do with my Bio kids when we go to their house. it is really sad and hurts my heart to see to children left out because 1 child is babied and favored. Sad