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The car saga...

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I'll admit this is mostly a vent. When SS20 started driving 4 years ago, BM wanted DH to give SS his old car. The thing was a tank, and SS not a great driver and the cost of insurance would have been prohitive. We offered to sell it BM for half of the blue book value and help pay insurance costs. She declined (I assume she wanted us to foot entire bill of SS driving).

She then went out and bought SS the most POS jeep she could find. It's from 1990, has no air bags, and rolls out into intersections even when the break is engaged. She spent like 5 grand on it (way more than BB value), and incidentally identical to what it would have cost her to purchase DHs car. Oh well. But "it was all she could afford."

Needless to say, SS loves th car, and it's been and endless thorn in Dhs side as he worries constantly about the safety issues. Well my brother has a 1999 Jeep Wrangler he's decided to get rid of. Fairly good working condition and airbags, car stereo, etc. He offered to me for free. We still can't afford to insure another car or SS (bad driving record), so I offered car to SS20. He could title in his name, and should not cost substantially more to insure.

He's been hemming and hawing for weeks now - he claims he just put a lot into his jeep for repairs. We told him, great, it'll be worth that much more when you or BM sell it. But he's still equivocating and I think will not take it. I think there are loyalty issues with BM here.

Honestly I think I'm giving it one more week and then giving the car back to my brother. There are plenty of other people in the family that would be happy for a free jeep


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Yeah I'm kind of more than a little annoyed. I mean, accept or decline but when someone offers you something saying I'll think about it is just not ok. Hes back from college now so I think I will give him this week to drive it and decide. But then it goes back.

Like the story about your SD. I have a feeling mine will turn out the same way.

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BM got SD to spend the school loan $$ she got (without telling DH) on a jeep from an auction place.
It needed $2000 in repairs that they didn't know about and so it sat for 4 months until SD got the courage to ask DH to please cover the repairs.

Two years earlier DH was ready to buy her a new mustang convertible, but BM went to the dealership and told the sales guy no, they wanted two smaller cheaper cars. BM thought DH was going to buy her a car as well.
SD didn't get a new car because we knew BM would get her to sell it and buy her a car too.

It took a few years but eventually SD realized that BMs things were hers alone but SD was expected to share everything withBM.