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tatum and Ryan

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I watched about 10-15 minutes of this yesterday. I had really expected to see a spoiled rotten, enabled, terror of a daughter and a saintly, miss understood Dad. I got this opinion from steptalk.

Anyway…I saw a daughter that IS craving attention, (any kind) but not really the troll I expected to see. I saw a Dad that is a messed up piece of crap! Sounds like he was a total creep back then and he seemed like a creep now. Did I just not watch enough?


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While I agree Ryan is a total creep, Tatum is an attention seeking spoiled bitch of a kid. She has torn Farrah's name and reputation apart. Don't kid yourself, she is not some poor COD who was shunned by her daddy.

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Here's what I find funny about crazy Tatum...she blames "daddy" for her drugs and everything else wrong in her life. Mind you, I won't say Ryan is a saint...but what about Ryan?

1. fact is that he was ONLY 19 when he got with her was 9yrs older!!!
2. fact is mom got preggo at 29 or so with the kid on day one, with the baby of almost a KID!!!
3. fact is that "almost a kid" took care of her and her siblings while mom, who was older and should have known better, drank and drugged herself
4. fact is that she's no saint because even her ex-husband got custody of her kids...where is HER blame for this?
5. fact is that she has said MANY times "she couldn't COMPETE" with Farah...what did she want to do? Sleep with her dad?
6. fact is even last night she talked about how she was HIS ESCORT to all events until Farah came along...Ryan had no choice. If he didn't take her while he wasn't dating anyone, he would have been told he was a lousy father instead of taking his daughter and promoting her career. But once he found a "companion", he was still supposed to take his daughter? How many married Hollywod couples take their daughter instead of their SPOUSE to events?
7. fact is that she complains about how mean he is, but she went off on him yesterday again when he said something she didn't like...calling the kettle black
8. fact is that she didn't want to move to Farah's house, she didn't want Farah in HER house, she didn't want dad to spend ANY time with Farah at her house...why isn't she complaining about her lousy mother? Is her father the only reason she is messed up?
9. If she's messed up because of her father, is that also an excuse for Ryan or is that only an excuse for her?
10. If her kids had problems because of her, why isn't it her fault but instead it all goes back to Ryan?

She is a manipulative and EVIL person.

MANY of us have had less than perfect family relationships. I know that I didn't and still don't have a perfect relationship with my dad. I know that my dad was actually very mean and cruel to me for MANY years and sometimes STILL is...yet that is NO excuse for me treating my husband or my child badly. Nope. I am YOUNGER than crazy Tatum and realized at the age of 26 that I HAD to let that go and move on or I would forever be miserable and hurt others in my life. Why with all the money in the world she has had, hasn't SHE been able to get therapy before and realize this? I didn't get therapy.

By the way, even my DH who wasn't too thrilled about watching it, watched it in AWE yesterday and said the same. She is evil. He should tell her to go to hell and never again try to meet with him.

I would love for RYAN to write a book about the crazy things HER MOTHER did to him or her own kids...about HIS hardships...about how he was really just a young boy when some crazy 28+ yr old decided to make him her husband and new baby daddy...I bet if any of you had a 19yr old son and a drunk 28+ yr old was after him, you would be screaming bloody murder...yet, that's not an issue for stupid Tatum.

All she talked about even when they went to the old house was "wasn't YOUR LIFE (to Ryan) and OUR life great when we were together..." blah, blah,'s the same "skid wants to believe their life was perfect until stupid SMOM came into it".

She did this for publicity and NOTHING more...the best thing that can happen to Ryan is for her to disappear from the face of the earth.

PS - I had nothing against Tatum before the series began...I knew VERY LITTLE about her...just knew that they had a strained relationship...never really understood or cared about Well, I think you get my drift. lol

PS - I laughed when she said something about "what 17yr old cares if their parents are happy or not, since they only care about themselves at that age", yet RYAN actually at 19 (just two yrs later than her) cared about HIS child more than about some point, he deserved to be happy...