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The SKs are seeing a new therapist, because OSD doesn't want to see anyone I know. Unfortunately after 30 years I pretty much know all of them.

This SW is one of my old supervisors. Since I will not be participating I wrote her an email identifying all the issues that I know BM, SO and SKs will not admit to.  Especially the PARENTING issues. 

In writing everything down I came to a lot of realizations about Thier issues and family dynamics that were enlightening. Putting it down in writing was very therapeutic for me. 

What I learned was BM is "BPD"

OSD is the "Golden Child"

SO is the " Codependent Enabler"

YSD is the " Scape goat"

And all of them are stuck in their roles in Thier dysfunctional family.


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And it's been so triggering for me because that was the toxic dynamic I grew up with (I was the golden child). now I have to watch it unfold and can't do anything to fix any of it, and as a recovering golden child, it's so hard for me that I can't have that sense of power and that feeling that I can make it okay. Sorry. I know all of tht was about me and not your situation, but it's helping me to type this out and see it in front of me too. So thank you.

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Except SD14 Munchkin YSD is the co-dependant enabler and DH is the scapegoat.

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GWR..the golden child

SD - scapegoat

This is the pattern from Beaver's family of origin...

Beaver SR - BPD

Beaver's brother number 2 - scapegoat

Beaver - Golden Child

Beaver brother number 1 - forgotten child

And the cycle will continue since GWR shows all the signs of BPD....