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OMG I forgot what normal feels like

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It's been 3 weeks since YSD PASd out and it's been absolute bliss.

Counseling has been great. BMs exBF and I text regularly sharing war stories we have our own little support group. It's been very therapeutic. Poor guy received the same exact treatment as I did.

SO has come around and is starting to become his old self. He has been a lot less moody and more focused on our relationship and the things he can control.  He has mad the decision to not take legal action against BM for violating the court order and to let sleeping dogs lie. 

He received a nasty, mouthy, threatening text from YSD yesterday demanding he take the parental controls off her phone. He said he responded if she keeps it up he will just disconnect the phone altogether. He told me her now acting like OSD because she lives in the land of lawlessness makes him have second thoughts about wanting YSD to come back at all. 

He received several phone calls from concerned parents who don't want OSD anywhere near Thier teenage daughters, citing she is a bad influence and complete deliquent. SO happily referred them to call BM with Thier concerns.

We went out on a date and had a great time and now I am making plans for me and DS are going to do this weekend. It's so nice to not be strapped down anymore because of SDs behavior or stressed out all the time. 

It's enjoyable that BM actually has to deal with her own kids for once. I hope she is fully enjoying the experience.. 

We even did the math, even if BM did file for custody she would only get $150 in CS a month. That's a win for SO because one SD eats that much in a week. She would actually be shooting herself in the foot, which would be very amusing.

She would have more expenses those kids waste food like I have never seen before, leave all the lights on, take hour showers and BM has to pay for her own garbage in her new place. 

Plus she would have to make sure both SDs made all Thier appointments and she would have to meet with the service providers all the time.

I really hope BM files like she claims she is going to. That would be great!!! Of course until she ends up homeless for the 100th time because she can't afford her rent plus the other expenses. But because of the eviction laws that gives us til September. I would count on the child tax credit helping her but what she would get wouldn't cover her expenses and poor spending habits. 


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Happy to hear you are recovering well from your ordeal.  Sounds like BM is about to get her just desserts.

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So BM is withholding them from SO and hunkering down to play MOTY for CPS? Is she participating in the services you set up?

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She is so far hopefully they keep it open as a preventative service case. 

Me and her exBF were laughing how she has been buttering up YSD. She normally hates YSD or spending time with her. It's all for show.

I would feel sorry for YSD but she is old enough to comprehend manipulation as she uses it herself and has been through this enough times with BM she should realize she is just using her and it won't last. But she chose BM anyway so that's on her.

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"I would feel sorry for YSD but she is old enough to comprehend manipulation as she uses it herself and has been through this enough times with BM she should realize she is just using her and it won't last. But she chose BM anyway so that's on her."

Well said.


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Isn't it great without the negative people around? I feel the same right now with SD gone and the inlaws no contact.

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Can lead to PEACE!!!  Sad but true.

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Good for you! I hope the skids stay with BM. $150 in CS would be a small price to pay to be rid of those two SDs, but in what state would CS for 2 kids be that low?  In my state I think the lowest amount for 2 kids would be around $300, and that's assuming minimum wage. 

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SO receives some veterans disability as his main income, He does work on the side but it's not on the books  He has always intentionally not worked on the books because BM thinks of her kids as paychecks and it kept her from fighting him for physical custody.

She was happy claiming them in her taxes every year even though she never provided a dime for them or bought them anything.

We know why she wanted OSD when she got older because OSD gets a trust fund from and accident when she turns 18 and BM wants that money.

We don't know her motivation for suddenly wanting anything to do with YSD other than she wants CS.


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He currently does, but they are going through court. He has a really good chance of getting custody and because he lives far away she would get limited visitation during school.