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Oh man. I am so grateful for this place. This is the only outlet that I have to vent. And that's what this is - it's rambling, it's ranting & it's barely coherent. Kind of like me, haha. 

I am not surviving the rest of summer vacation. I had a 'come to jesus' moment with my husband & skid on Friday where I was so angry I had to remove myself from the situation.


No, I did not sign up for this

But why is the rum gone's picture

I need to vent.

I can't stand when people say "well you knew what you were signing up for!" or "love him, love his kid!" 

No. This kid is an entitled little douche. And it's because of shit parenting from my husband, his ex wife and the village that is raising this child. 

He's going to be the death of my sanity and my marriage. I'm sitting here googling "how to get a divorce" because something so seemingly insignificant is what did it for me.