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Not happy....

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I love summer, but I am not looking forward to this summer. SD19 will be home today from college for the summer. Sad She has lived with us full time since she was 13. This was her first year at school and even though she only spent 3 out of 7 nights at school, it was nice. 

I see lots of alcohol and early bedtimes for me in the future. 



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My condolences. BM has a new job and schedule, so I can foresee 50/50 this summer for me.

May our liquor flow freely and our sleeps be sound!


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BM hasn’t bothered to see 2 SS in over 5 months. She should get them 2 weekends a month but all she does is text them. When DH asks when she is planning on seeing them he gets no reply. She did however managed to file and claim them on her income taxed even though they’ve lived with us for 2 yrs. I seriously need a break. 

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What does she plan to do with her summer? I'd say she needs to be working at least part time, preferable full time, and not sleeping till 2 pm and lounging around the house the rest of the day.

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She actually was able to get a full time job as an intern where her father works. She started today, she had to be there at 6:30 this morning. I'm excited. I would have liked for her to have gotten a job where she had to figure everything out and been more on her own than where dadddyyyy works but they won't be working together so maybe she will have to do some stuff on her own. She is so dependent on him, she can't do anything without having to call/text him for step by step instructions. My fingers are crossed that she will stay with it and not quit or get fired.