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Yup - Nicole Curtis IS a crazy BM

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ten words ten words ten words how I hate typing ten words


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I've never heard of her or the show.. but yeah.. she sounds and even looks cray cray. Glad there is at least one judge out there not falling for the "poor BM" line of bull crap.

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Kudos to this judge. He recognizes that this BM is attempting to marginalize the bio father. I especially like how he ordered that the father's name be put on the birth certificate and the child's name be changed.

If a woman wants to become a mother and not have a father in the picture, she should go to a sperm bank.

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She - the judge is female - but yeah!!!!

I love that she is making NC pay dad for his expenses and fees - BY FRIDAY!!!!

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Right??? Here in my county, we have some excellent female family court judges who understand parental alienation.....

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yeah, I know she has the teenage boy who has been on the show quite a bit. My guess is that this tiger doesn't change her stripes and she's probably the same way with him.

He probably didn't/doesn't fight back, unlike the baby's dad, who clearly wants a relationship with his child.

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Wow she looks rough. Like I have said before I always enjoyed her show. This and the thing with her mom really would lead you to believe that she has lost it.

I will say though that I do not believe that a 17 year old should not be driving alone with a small child, but that is my parenting standard. When I was divorcing my ex and it was bad he wanted to send his then 16 year old son who had just gotten his license to go across the metro to pick up our son who was 6 on one of the busiest free ways. I was against it, the 16 year old was not comfortable with it nor was his mom. Trust me I didn't want to interact with him either but my thought was this kid is not experienced with that kind of driving and god forbid something should happen we all have to live with it. If we had still been married that would have been my stand as well.

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I understand why you feel that way, but if there are no laws preventing it (and there aren't) and there is nothing in a court order preventing it (doesn't appear there was) then this falls under "let dad parent how he sees fit", doesn't it?

My kids drove their younger siblings around - I guess Asshat and Money-Ka had no issues with it.

Just because something is "your stand" doesn't mean the rest of the world, or dad, is going to agree, right?

There were lots of things that Asshat let my kids do that I wouldn't let them do. I didn't like it, but I also recognized that I had no control over what Asshat did or didn't do.

Nicole might want to rethink her stance on these things.

And, yeah, she looks really rough - and the looks she shoots at her mother in those photos are downright scary!!!

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WOB, that is one of the things I hate about divorce. Things that would be a non issue if you were still married.

Our decree actual says that in order for BS to ride with someone under 18 we both have to be in agreement to it. I had that put in and he agreed to it after the 16 year old told his mom he didn't feel comfortable doing it but was afraid to tell his dad no. My ex is very lazy and made his teenage kids do a lot of things that he should have. It was no surprise when he tried to make the teen be responsible for picking up our son. Here is the funny thing, He has made a HUGE deal more than once about my husband who is a professional driver taking BS in his pick up to buy me a gift. He doesn't want our son riding with him, YET he thinks allowing BS to ride with a 15 year old practicing his driving is good or a newly licenced driver across the metro on the busiest freeway is a good idea.

I think Nicole needs to realize that the dad has rights too. The one article you posted before made it sound like they still hook up or were. The whole thing about the black lives matters protest was nuts too. I live in the Twin Cities in a good burb and I would love to live where this guy does. She has gotten a lot of bad press lately about her business as well.

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Not sure I understand your take on "things that would be a non issue if you were still married."

When DD25 got her license, she was my driving bitch. I had no issues with her driving Thing1 and Thing2 and neither did Asshat. Hell, we were excited because it meant that WE weren't the ones constantly driving them everywhere.

No issue. If we had still been married, I think we would have felt the same way - a non issue.

DH has one that drives - he has no problem with KarateKid driving BabyVoice.

Are you saying that because of a divorce, something automatically becomes an issue? Or that divorced folks have to agree on everything? Or something else entirely (I am super tired and haven't had much coffee this morning - lol!)?

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No worries, I have been running on fumes this week. What I was trying to say is if you are still married you can usually discuss these things and resolve them. In a high conflict situation like mine there is no discussing anything.

My issue was not so much him riding with his 1/2 brother ( whom I love) but the major freeway driving. In our case the 16 year old didn't want to do it either because he even thought it was not a good idea and something he felt comfortable with. If it had been picking him up from school or something like that it would have been a different deal for me. If they were all 3 my kids and I was married to their dad still I would not be on board with it. Especially in a Minnesota winter.

With my decree the person taking the child picks them up. My lawyer wrote the decree and that was my doing. I do not believe that one parent should have to do all the driving. I don't think it should mean that dad makes his teenager do it so he doesn't have to. Heck the decree said curbside so we don't even see each other if you are smart enough to stay in your car. I personally have never stepped foot on his GF's property except for once when he texted me to come to the door to help BS out with his stuff.

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We also had the parent whose time is starting does the driving, but we were guilty of having our daughter drive once she was able to do so Smile

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Our CO is pretty clear and fair regarding visitation transportation. Each party is responsible for transporting the kid to their location. They were responsible to get him to them for visitation and we were responsible for getting him home following visitation. Each party was ordered to help with transportation to the airport if air travel was selected as the mode of transportation.

Generally when they were being reasonable we would buy the round trip ticket (that way we got the points) and they would reimburse us for their half of that cost. We would pay the unescorted minor fee to get him on the plane on our end, they would pay it to get him on the plane on their end.

When they were not being reasonable we would refuse to purchase the ticket and force them to buy a one way and so would we. The extra cost was inconsequential for us... it was a big deal for them.