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Well, the Beast reached out to BabyVoice

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Hi everyone - it's been awhile, so here is a little update.  

Back when BV was accepted to college, she created a FB page.  She hadn't had one before and needed it for the marching band so they could do some "get to know you" chats and such.

We moved her into her college dorm on Saturday BUT on Friday, DH told me that BV had gotten a message from the Beast on August 18.  Ten days after she turned 18.  The message was simple and said "I have been wondering how you are.  I am not on FB except to find you because I don't have your cell number.  ASS doesn't want anything to do with me and I can't find KarateKid, so here is my cell if you ever want to talk."

DH told her to reach out to ASS to hear what he had to say about this.  She said she would and she also said "NOW she's wondering how I am?"  LOL

So, she called ASS, who told her allllll about what happened when the Beast reached out to him and he confirmed that he didn't want anything to do with the Beast and that BV shouldn't either.  That she is a lying manipulator and if BV was smart, she would stay far away.

BV went back to DH and showed him what she was going to send to her mother.   She asked if it was okay to send.  DH said that as an adult, she is free to send whatever message she wanted. 

It was brutal - really brutal.  All about how 9 years have gone by, nine birthdays and Christmases, a 5th grade graduation, a middle school graduation, turning 16, a high school graduation and even her 18th birthday - all come and gone with literally no comment from her.  She ended it by saying that she talked to ASS and she agrees with his assessment of her and to please leave her alone.  

DH said he was never more proud of her :-)   Will it stick?   Who the hell knows, but it is what it is for now.  


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You've launched all three of them, plus your own kids.  There has to be a medal for that.

How nice is Chez WOB these days??

And good for BV, and ASS (even though he's, well, ASS).  I hope if and when she finds KK, he does the same.

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KK knows all about the interaction with ASS, and he, too, is on board with ignoring her.  Out of the three of them, he is the one who is the most pissed off at her.  

Six kids - DH and I have launched six freaking kids and I ABSOLUTELY WANT MY MEDAL!!

Life at Chez WOB is quiet these days - except for the howls of the resident Kitty :-) 

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Congratulations on the last successful launch. Enjoy those long lazy days of empty nesting to the fullest. Sounds like BV has a pretty good head on her shoulders.

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She is getting there.  I think that taking ownership of the "relationship" with her mother has really given her a much needed dose of confidence.  

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Thanks for sharing this WOB. I do love the success stories.

It's nice that you have successfully parented your skids and that they appreciate you as much as anyone their ages can.

It's too bad BM ruined her own relationship with them. I would like to see a success story where everyone is happy... including BM and SM.

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you know, it really is too bad.   I think all three kids have abandonment issues because of it and the boys certainly have trust issues when it comes to women.  She was hellbent on punishing US and instead she damaged THEM.  I will never understand that as long as I live.  

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Me neither. The Maggot has ruined OSS15 and YSS11, but we gave up custody because she had free representation and she was sending us into debt.

Ultimately though, the kids are the only ones who wind up hurt.

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Congrats WOB! You've done something amazing with all these kids. Now may you get some peace and enjoy an empty nest.

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as you know, it was a loooooong hard road to get there.  I still have no relationship with ASS, and that is fine by both of us, but I do support my husband's relationship with ASS.  

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But you guys did it!  

I think your lack of relationship with ASS is fine. 

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We certainly did!  I had just reconnected with DH when my oldest was off to collee, so we have moved all six together Smile

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What a long strange trip it's been for you. And you chronicled it all so well and so entertainingly, it's too bad those posts are gone.

The takeaway is that your H (with your HUGE support) never stopped holding Medusa accountable, and never lowered his boundaries. You and he were ruthless about pursuing her via the courts and child support enforcement. Your H never caved before the crazy.

I hope his kids seek counseling as they progress through life; they could really benefit from it. And I hope Medusa dies alone in a cheap nursing home where she never gets visitors. She's a monster.

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I am so bummed that the blogs from the early days went poof when I got booted as Former.  And, yeah, a very long and strange trip.  We WERE ruthless about holding her accountable, that is for sure.   

BabyVoice started working with a therapist this past winter.  She did some good work, I think, but there is still a ways to go.  

I hope Medusa/Beast dies alone.  In a ditch.  Where no one finds her until after the woodland creatures have had their dinner. 

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WOB thanks for the update.

Without a doubt,  your nicknames for everyone have always kept me laughing.

ASS, babyvoice...omg lol



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How does this woman even sleep at night? How do you ignore your THREE MINOR kids for NINE years? Mind buggling 

Enjoy your empty nesting and congrats on your success 


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She certainly has an over inflated sense of her worth to "reach out" like this without first apologizing for abandoning them for a decade. And you just know she's out there crying "parental alienation/dad poisoned my baaaaaabies" to anyone who'll listen.