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Thing1's wedding....

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was amazing!  Asshat and Money-Ka were, true to form, complete assholes.

They didn't attend the rehearsal, no idea why, but they didn't.  Cut to the wedding day, and as I am running around the chapel helping Thing1 and his bride-to-be, I stop in the first row to grab my purse.  Only my purse is not where I left it.  There are several people in the chapel at this point, so I calmly lean over to Money-Ka and say "my purse was sitting here but I don't see it now, do you know where it is?" 

She proceeds to tell me that she has moved it down to the other end of the row.  I said, "oh, nope, that isn't how the kids want the seating.  They want (starting from the end away from the aisle) your kid, your kid, you, your husband, my daughter, her husband, then my husband and then me, next to the aisle."

Asshat saw us chatting and came over to me.  He asked what was going on and I told him the way in which the kids wanted everyone seated in the front row.  He asked Money-Ka where she was supposed to sit and she said "right here" and pointed to the end of the pew nearest to the aisle.  To his credit, he said "isn't that where WalkOnBy should sit?  also, that doesn't make sense since we are walking down before them and they would have to step over us."  Money-Ka wailed "but I want to sit on the end."  

My husband comes upon the scene and leans into both of them and said something that I still don't know - lol.

We all lined up for the procession down the aisle and Money-Ka tried to sit where I was supposed to sit.  Asshat literally put his hands on her shoulders and gently moved her down a few seats.  I was not the least bit surprised at her behavior and totally surprised by his.

The wedding went off without a hitch, the kids and their friends had a great time, Thing2 gave the most incredible best-man speech and the weather held out, too!  

Best part?  As Thing1 and I were doing the mother of the groom dance, I told him how proud I was of him.  He kissed me on the forehead and said, "it was all you, mom.  It was all your doing."  

I heard from some of the guests that Money-Ka was upset that she didn't get a mother of the groom dance.  I actually chatted with Thing1, his bride-to-be and her parents about it when we were in the planning stages.  I had no problem with Thing1 having a dance with Money-Ka, but Thing1 was said "why would I do that?  She isn't my mother."   Well, I guess that is true, kiddo.  

All in all, it was a great weekend!

Hope all is well with everyone!!! 



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Congratulations, WOB!!!

Boo-fackin-hoo, Money-Ka, but you're SMOG, not MOG. No dance required. Call the waaaaaaahm-bulance!

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right?  I heard from Asshat's sister that Money-Ka was very upset at her "displacement."  Former SIL said she just looked at her and said "what displacement?  You aren't his mother."   LOLOL

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So great to hear the wedding was a success.  I always love hearing about your updates!  

Money-Ka is dillusional but at least Asshat literally put her in her place. LOLZ re the dance with the groom.  Entitlement at its best.

I bet your dance with Thing1 was amazing!

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I was super surprised that Asshat did the right thing, to be honest.  As for the dance with Money-Ka, I wouldn't have minded at all, but Thing1 didn't want to do it, so too effing bad for her Smile

She has two sons, she will get her chance.   

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True to form, Monkey-Ka proves, once again, that she is utterly without a vestige of class. She embarasses herself....

So glad to hear that the wedding was a success! Clapping

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it was the strangest thing I have seen her do, and I have seen her do a LOT of strange things!  

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Money-Ka didn't steal your purse outright.

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I'm so happy this went off without a hitch, but am a little disappointed that Money-Ka moved down the aisle. I would have LOVED a story of you sitting on her lap when she refused to move. Wink

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that is so funny that you said that...I literally told DH "I will sit on her lap if she doesn't move" as he and I were walking down the aisle :-) 

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I love stories like yours! Thanks for the update, I'm so glad it all went well.

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Congratulations on Thing1's wedding! And I CANNOT believe your ex actually reined in Money-ka. She had quite a different picture in mind, didn't she?

We need an update on you and the rest of the family!

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yeah, that fact that Asshat did the right thing was a little shocking.  I am thinking that it had something to do with whatever DH whispered in their ears..

as for the rest of us - everything is great!  DH and I are totally digging being empty nesters.  BabyVoice is doing great at school, she is a junior in college, if you can believe that!  KarateKid had to take an extra lap at his college this year (changed majors so one extra semester for him) and he will graduate in December.  He has a great job lined up and will start in January.  He and DH are looking for apartments this weekend (he will be living about 20 minutes from us).  From what I hear, Ass is doing well, but wants to come back to Michigan.  I still have nothing to do with him - LOL

I am a Mimi two times over, as my DD31 has a 5 year old and an almost 3 year old, both girls.  They are hilarious!  

Thing1 and his bride both work remotely for the same consulting firm in Chicago.  They bought a house in Indiana, thinking they would flip it, but it turns out that Thing1 LOVES living out in the country, so they are staying put.  I will go visit them in a few weeks now that the house is finally done.  I expect they will be trying to have a baby soon - lol.  Thing2 is still in Virginia, but is looking at jobs here in Michigan, since he too, wants to come back. 

I think that is pretty much it :-)  

how are YOU???

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Congratuations to Thing1 and his bride. And to you too mom.  For both of your Things being gentlemen of class and character.

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