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Thing1 is getting married!

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hi all - just popping by to tell those who remember the nicknames from my story that Thing1 is getting married!! 

He and his fiancee got engaged back in June and they will be married in October of this year.  Yes, my first question was "is she..." and the response was nope, they just wanna get married as soon as possible.

DH and I went to South Bend to meet her parents a few weekends ago.  They are lovely and the first thing her mom said to me was "soooo, did you ask if she was pregnant, because I sure did." 


Thing2 will be the best man, and fiancee's sister will be the maid of honor.  Small wedding at an absolutely amazing venue.  Totally lucked into the date, as the venue had a cancellation.

Everything else is just fine.   I now have two granddaughters, ASS is still an ass, Karate Kid is doing well in school but will need another semester (or as I like to call it, a victory lap) due to changing his major, BabyVoice is killing it at college and is the section leader in the school's marching band.  

I hope all is well with everyone!!  


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Amazing news. I hope the wedding is fab. I'll be doing MSS wedding at about the same time. 

every time I see your avatar I think Dave Groul. Lol

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What a lovely update.

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Great to see those stilettos again, Dahlink! And thanks for your grand, newsy update.



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Thanks for the update! You and Aniki both show it is possible to make it to the other side and sometimes things do get better!