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O/T Now THIS looks awesome!

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ten words ten words ten words ten words ten words


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Why do you weep? I see this more as controlled environment for getting out some anger. Better to destroy a wall than another human, no??

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I do, too, but that doesn't take very long. I am efficient,.

Nothing wrong with using destructive energy to destroy inanimate objects who are put in front of you to destroy...

Some would say an Anger Room is a positive purpose, dear.

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Interesting idea.

I was watching Pretty little liars a while back... and of the girls went through a breakup - her mom took her to this place to throw plates at a wall. It did indeed seem pretty therapeutic....for her.

I'm not sure about whether this is something I'd enjoy, as much as I've fantasized about tossing my computer out the window when it causes me headaches...

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I think a physical release can be therapeutic -- my druthers would be to put that entergy towards something that benefits me. I had a really crappy work day yesterday, people issues, computer issues and a staggering workload. I was beyond aggravated at the end of the day. Went for a looooooooong bike ride and pushed out that negative energy and did something good for my heart.

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I clean as well.

I also have a home gym, so I'm down there on the rare occasion that cleaning just isn't cutting it for my level of frustration. lol

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i very, very, VERY rarely get angry. pizzed, annoyed AF, highly irritated, yes, but it usually passes pretty quickly on it's own. but actual anger? nah. dh has seen me angry once in 9 1/2 years, and that was at something he told me about MIL. i could easily have choked her out with my bare hands, he said my eyes went BLACK.

but dh could very much use this, i think it'd be therapeutic for him!

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My DH has never seen me angry. Only 2 people have. I head for water or woods so I'm alone.

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Hoping you are feelin' better today..

Here..take this baseball bat with nails all over it..I call it ."Luciferille" and smash the Title Banner on this website.

YOU will feel soooo much better!

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I am gonna turn my garage into this and make a f#@king fortune!

Wait A Minute...
Maybe ,tho, this is a subversive plan to get everyone comfortable swinging a baseball bat or hammer when "THEY" take away our guns ..
I will not be reduced to wielding a stapler for protection!!

Where is the NRA when you need them?
Calling my congressional rep......
yah..trolls ..if ya can't beat 'em ,join 'em..right?

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I wield a mean baseball bat and am a switch hitter. Dislocated a jerk's jaw swinging a pitcher of beer. Mrow.

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HEY!! I bet I can sell some of them $800 designer "work" jeans smeared with dirt by a designer to these future rageaholics wantin' to smash shit up in style!!


I am gonna be R.I.C.H! ya can't beat 'em join 'em...right?

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When I was going through my divorce my best friends took me to a greek restaurant to cheer me up.

The food was amazing, the conversation was great and we got to smash plates against a wall after dinner! The owner heard I was going through a divorce. She brought me out a shot of Ouzo and a stack of dishes, she said just keep throwing them till you feel better!

It was a perfect evening.