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Is Nicole Curtis a nut job BM????

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Oy vey....ten words ten words ten words ten words ten words


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Woe, I have always liked her show, but saw she had a really weird post on FB regarding breast feeding and custody and wondered if there was something up. It is funny because her parents have been on her show and it is always portrayed that they are very close.

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I know, I know...I see her around town quite a bit, and while she is somewhat standoffish, she is very engaged in the communities both in the city and the suburbs.

I was shocked to read this story, I really was...

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She says on her face book that babies are breast feed till optimally age 2. Being torn from their mothers has been proven to have long term effects and mothers separated from their children for extended periods experience a hormone fluctuation similar to post partum.

Now I personally never breast fed, I never made enough milk to be able to. However I just can't see why you would breast feed someone who could walk talk and had teeth.

Makes you wonder if she is having mental health issues since she is now fighting with her mom.

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I breastfed until my kids stopped. It's called child lead weaning.

My oldest was still breastfeeding at 2 years 3 months old. It was only once in the morning but it was our quiet time a nice start to the day.
My youngest self weaned at 17 months, he was done and wanted nothing more to do with it, happened overnight.

I'm not sure what's going on with Nicole and the father but I know that breastfeeding my boys was very bonding. I wouldn't have been able to let either of them stay overnight somewhere without me until they were at least 6 months old.

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Two things - she wasn't robbed at her home in Detroit, as was incorrectly initially reported. Her Detroit home is in one of our newly constructed and access controlled loft buildings.

She was double parked outside a parking structure, her car was running and her purse was on the front seat. She did these things, then went to the back of the truck to put kid in carseat. While she was doing this, someone came by and grabbed her purse out of the front seat.

When the media reported her version, and then the corrected version a few days later, my psycho BM radar went through the roof!!

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if curtis REALLY wants full custody just for the sake of being MOTY, she can HAVE kaos.... }:) }:) }:)

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I really wanted to like her show. I love home improvement & DIY shows. I grew up near Minneapolis & was excited about seeing her do shows in places I was familiar with.

I've watched her shows. I've forced myself to sit through them. I don't know if it's her voice, her attitude, or just her way of being that irked me. I just couldn't take to it.

She seems to be very full of herself. I only know what I've seen on her show, but given the way she presents herself there, nothing in this story strikes me as surprising.

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My son and I love the show, but we live in the Twin cities so that has a lot to do with it. I love what she does with houses but she is kind of preachy.

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I love her show and I love when she works in Detroit - I have seen the Ransom-Gillis house decay over the years and was thrilled when she began to work on it, but this side of her just makes me want to hurl.

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Sorry Fruit bur RR has an amazing meatloaf recipe that my family loves. But I do not watch her I found it online when I was revamping my meatloaf... it is amazing but I do mine in mamouth muffin tins.

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sorry Sad

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