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Is it just me...

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Is it just me or does anyone else think that it is odd that DH had to go to the gas station with BabyVoice to show her how to fill her tank?

She drives our old Volvo - there is a little button on the dash to open the filler door, and it's pretty self explanatory, right??  My DD27 drove this car, Thing2 drove this car and now it belongs to BabyVoice.  Pro tip - if you want a good used car for your kid, buy a Volvo.  That thing had 100K miles on it when we bought it in 2010 and it was a 2006 model.  That bad girl is still running great!!  

I didn't show my kids how to put gas in their cars, so maybe that makes me a bad parent?   Oh, wait, I guess they just used their big brains to figure it out Smile

Ba ha ha ha ha ha!!


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You don’t fill up car with gas ??  Bad SM.   If they had brains they would not be who they are 

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LOL. That's just strange to me... I remember my parents handing me the keys to the car after I had my liscense and just saying "You'll have to put gas in it." And I wanted to drive, so i figured it out!

I feel like anyone even half observant should basiclaly already know how to do it before this even becomes an issue.

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SMH that Volvo needs a "beware of driver" bumper sticker. If she can't figure out how to pump gas without daddy showing her, I hazard to guess she will fail to follow simple rules of the road. I assume it's well insured? 

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I showed both my boys how to fill up and use it propery.  I don't see anything odd with it to be honest.  One time is all it takes.  How to protect your pin-how to shake it off at the end so it doesn't spill, etc.  It's just a normal growing up thing.  I remember my dad showing me how to do that the first time also.  I think it's because we find everything they do annoying, even normal stuff annoys us lol

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I don't find everything she does annoying, not even a little bit, BUT I also think kids should be able to figure things out Smile

Especially with a picture that literally shows you Smile

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Yeah, but isn't she the skid who warmed her peanut butter over the toaster while doing her toast? The one who can not spread jelly without covering the countertop and entire jelly jar? 


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Yes, yes she is.  BUT she is so much better in the kitchen these days :-)  

She actually enjoys baking and she is pretty good at it.  Cleaning up after herself, not so much, but we are working on it!

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because she has been driving for a month now...

also because she has seen other people pump gas...

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Ok, I'll ask. Was Daddy taking her to get gas her idea or Daddy's? 

I got the whole nine yards when I first got car keys. Yep, how to check oil, how to check air in tires, how to change tire, how to properly get vehicle into and out of garage (tight precise.... you'd have thought he was teaching to land an airplane and put it in the hanger).  

Hey,if it got me the keys it was 'oh, thank-you, Daddy, yes, Daddy, I understand'. 

It never mattered what the topic was, sister and I both got the thorough 'this is how you do it'. From fixing a leaky faucet to tightening belts, to leveling and hanging items, unclogging drains and on and on it went. 


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It was her idea.  DH said he was a little surprised that she didn't know how.  He asked if I ever had to show my kids, and I reminded him that he lived with me and the Things when they went through drivers ed :-)  Nope, I didn't show them and neither did you, DH Smile

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My dad went with me the first time I filled my car with gas.  He explained the differences in the fuel grades and which one needed to be used for each of our family cars.  He told me about static and fire hazards around gas and stuff like that.  He told me how various gas pumps were different and that some had buttons and some had thingies you needed to lift.  It was his idea - I'm sure I could have figured out how to put gas in the car - but he did explain some things I didn't know or wouldn't have thought of.  So no, it doesn't seem strange to me.  

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Neither ASS nor KarateKid needed DH to show them how to open the filler door and put gas in the car.  This was not his first drivers license rodeo 


Scratch one-s head


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Send her to live in NJ.  We are not allowed to pump our own gas.  It is the most annoying waste of my time!  I have lived in other states and would rather pump my own gas.

My mother taught all of us how to pump gas, change tire, change oil and spark plugs and even with a junker truck she had how to "shiv the fly wheel" to get to start 


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I know, and I think that is so funny about New Jersey.   I tried to pump my own gas there while on vacation one summer - I did not know that you weren't allowed to - and man oh man, that did not go well Smile

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My younger brother called my dad one day that something was wrong with the car. It made weird noises and just stopped working. He had hiked to a little store (we lived out in the country) to call. My dad picked him up and drove over to the car. My dad looked at the car, tried to start it, went back to his car, handed a gas can and $5 to my brother, and drove away. He had run out of gas and had no idea.

Also, I had a roommate who grew up on the east coast where they aren't allowed to pump gas. When she moved away and in with me I had to take her to show her how to pump gas. At 20 she had never done it before at all or even watched.

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I worked at Honda for a while. When the S2000 first came out 90% of the new owners either came back or called in because they couldn't find the gas door release button. These were mostly men 30 - 50 years old! The S2000 was a sports car.

I was a small button the same colour as the trim and hidden behind the seatbelt by your left elbow as you sat in the car. If no one ever showed it to you, you would never find it.

People felt so dumb. They'd been shown when the picked the car up but never paid attention because, well it's a new car and they were excited and who thinks the gas door release is going to be so well hidden!