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ASS is safely ensconced in his dorm

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My DH discovered that there was an "early move in" at ASSUniversity, so he decided to move ASS once - from Frank's house to the dorm - instead of twice - from Frank's house, to DH's mom's house to the dorm.

So, DH drove to the west side of the state yesterday morning, then the two hour drive to school.

I didn't ask a whole lot of questions (not my monkey and all) BUT they chatted a little bit on the drive up about what to expect at college, the things that ASS still needs to get done before his orientation, which will be next week sometime.

Frank's mom took ASS shopping for the dorm! She bought him sheets, towels, and she gave him their extra dorm fridge. She told DH that she "was going to miss" having ASS around? Uh, whatever Smile

DH is very concerned about ASS's social skills, or lack thereof. He's not worried about the academic piece, as ASS is super smart, but he is very worried about how ASS will fit in with three other room mates.

As for me? Not my circus, not my monkey, but I will keep a close eye on DH and his stress levels.


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Yep - the suite has two bedrooms, a common area and a bathroom. I would not wish sharing a bathroom with three other dudes on ANYONE, but to have to share with ASS??

Ugh - poor kids.

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when Thing2 lived in his dorm, there were 4 guys sharing a bathroom - two to each room and the bathroom between them. Door opened into each dorm room. Thing2 set up a cleaning schedule, and the kids were actually pretty good about keeping it clean Smile

Thing1 lived in a dorm with community bathrooms. I remember him saying he was glad about that, because that meant he didn't have to keep it clean - ha!!

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I hope they can exert enough pressure to straighten him out OR that they are even worse than he is and he can learn the hard way. }:)

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well he won't submit to their authority. We know that. And that probably translates to won't show common courtesy that roommates are due

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Yeah - Not sure how ASS will function in an environment where he has to participate.

It will be interesting to hear how this all plays out. If I bother to ask about it, that is.

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My youngest shares a house with three other guys, one bathroom with a stand up shower, no tub.

Now BS isn't the cleanest guy, he doesn't always wipe down the shower or rinse out the sink. At home I was always on him to pick up his towels.
He now has a very lazy unclean roommate who makes him crazy! He's apologized to me for not cleaning up after himself and asked for ideas on how to get this roommate to pick up after himself.
I gave him a few tips and he's said it seems to have worked, we'll see what happens this year.
BS is home for a week and after one day he has already emptied the dishwasher, done a load of laundry and taken the garbage out, all without being asked to! Progress.

At this point in their lives their peers are going to affect their behaviour so much more than their parents.