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Welcome to adulthood...

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Can't remember what the discussion was but I guess when I said when you're the adult you can make that decision ...

SS looks at me and says "I am an adult."
DH - laughing
Me - um not even close to being an adult
SS- well I'm a preteen so that's basically an adult
DH - son would you just hush? You are so far from an adult.. When you get a job and pay the bills then you can make these adult decisions
Me - laughing hysterically


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Yep, we've gotten this one too. I like to laugh, say, "OK when you have your own place and pay all the bills you can tell me you're an adult because you're not until then" (I like to reinforce that "having your own place" being an adult thing, lol, no ideas about moving in here at 18!)

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