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SD Summer Vacation

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After tomorrow, SD won't be here for almost two wonderful weeks!  I seriously cannot wait.  Everything is more peaceful around here when she isn't here.  BM is taking her week of vacation with SD and arranged the timing in a way that SD is not here for almost two weeks.  My husband then does the same thing and sends SD to the beach with his parents, so again towards the end of August she will not be here for almost 2 full weeks.  I can't wait! 


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So happy for you! I have had four weeks and one day SD9 FREE! Does yours live with you full-time? Mine does. I've never had more than two weeks away from her in six years. It's been AMAZING!

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She's here half the time.  DH and BM do a 2-2-5-5 schedule.  So I always appreciate the 5 day span when she's at BMs house.

I can't imagine her being here full time, but I know it's always a possibilty.  

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My SS9 has been here for 5 weeks I think and will not be leaving until mid August, but not before we take him on a birthday mini vacation. I didn't get a card or flowers but the child gets a weekend at the beach. NICE ! Looking forward to the day he leaves so I can enjoy some  private time with DH