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Other kids not liking SD, Husband clueless

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There are some kids in the neighborhood that SD is always wanting to play with.  It is PAINFULLY obvious they don't want to play with her.  But I seem to be the only one that notices this.  Not sure if the reason is because she's annoying or younger than these girls, or a combination of both.  I'm starting to feel embarassed about it.  SD is constantly knocking on their door multiple times a day to see if they can play. They never knock on our door to see if she can play.  She will send them messages on top of messages on kids messenger with no response.  She has been told a million times that she can send ONE message and not to send another until the next day or they respond.  But they almost never respond unless to tell her they can't play.  She messaged earlier today to ask if they could play, they said no.  Then she wants to go knock on their door an hour or so later to see if they can play.  I told her no! It's the same thing over and over.  I think the kids are only cordially nice to her because their dad is friends with my husband.  

I've told my husband I don't think these kids want to play with her and he just kind of blows it off and says it's only because of other kids in the neighborhood.  Yea, okay.  I'm wondering if I should be honest with SD and say you know, I don't think they want to be friends or if that's mean.  I guess I should let my husband handle it. You'd think after all the rejection from these girls SD would get the hint but maybe not.


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I'd stay out of it so it doesn't get twisted into Úrsula made all the kids hate me I have no friends. She needs to have natural consequences and hopefully she can learn from them. I work with ppl who don't get the hint so that might just be a part of her personality she doesn't outgrow. 

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good point. My husband told her she can't be messaging them and knocking on their door constantly or they aren't going to want to be friends w her. I think it's past that point. 

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From beating up the HousesHitter (YSS then stb 7)

They automatically sensed his "weirdness" and were about to set upon him when I stepped in.  He was rolling in the dirt, the quintessential attention whore, licking his boots and making strange faces.

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Omfg. I read your stories and can't imagine why TF you stuck around. He must have a huge magic... hands? 

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And no, re "magic hands."  Well i will say they are magic in the sense that he can fix or build ANYTHING so that is useful. 

The only saving grace is that all three have been PASed out for well over a decade now but I still have flashbacks especially when I hear some of the newer posters and their shocking stories all sound eerily familiar.

Sadly the HousesHitter (YSS) will be turning 18 in a month yet the Girhippo will still be getting CS till he's 21.  No chance of him emancipating early either. 

He is totally enmeshed with the Gir and there's nothing for him to rebel against since she is totally permissive and lets him do anything he wants including truancy.  He also burns through "girlfriends" like a hot knife through butter and has recently removed all his social media accounts after taking a senior photo with the Gir in a "couple's" pose.


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Why does this sound like something my SD would do?

i can't even imagine how she acts around kids. Around us she does these fake annoying laughs that she swears are her real laughs, screams for no reason, will fall on the ground for no reason other than attention seeking, the list goes on. 

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The fake shrieking laughs and weird noises, sudden pantomime syndrome, kicking the air, spontaneous soccer flopping and echoing dialogue on tv.


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No advice here.  I am actually surprised that someone has an SD that will actually go out and try to make friends.  Most of the ones on here just want to be up Daddy's butt all the time.

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Lol! That is true.  One good thing about my SD is that she is pretty social and isn't always trying to be up her dads butt.