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BM - Never without a complaint

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So last week, BM claims I slammed the door on SD.  Today, BM sends my husband a text that I need to stop being a smart ass.  This message was recieved one minute after my SD walked out of our door to BMs car, so I'm guessing BM thinks I closed the door to softly or slowly this time?  I honestly don't even know.  Then she told my husband "game on b****!".  I can't imagine closing in on 40 years old and acting this way.  

So my husband took screen shots and sent them to BM in their court ordered app and reminded her this behavior isn't in the interest of co-parenting and the texts would be saved for documentation purposes.  BM immediately messaged back through the app and said "f*** you!".

She's so pleasant lol.


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Some BM's live for this shit. Yours does. IGNORE and let your DH deal. At least your DH is on to her, that is half the battle.

Mine used to say I gave too much I am not her mom. I held back so yea you guessed it, I was blamed for being cold and not giving enough.

You know the drill. 

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Oh for sure, she thrives on drama and causing problems.  It's so hard for me to understand, I've been saying to myself for prob 5 years now wouldn't it be easier to just be nice and not carry around all this hate and anger?  I don't get it.

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Some people thrive on hate and anger. Drama queens live for this shit. I learned long ago during my stint as a SM that getting it was just exhausting and not worth it. Reasoning with unreasonable people is akin to banging your head on the wall.

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I'd suggest he just IGNORE THE WHORE. That will drive her much crazier than any response he can give her. 

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He mostly does ignore her.  I think he wanted to respond to this one with a short message bc they are court ordered to use a parenting app with a tone meter and she is specifically not doing that.  He wants to have this to present in case he ends up back in court with her which inevitably is going to happen.

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about her I just shake my head. Like how? and moreso sad for the kid to watch their grown ass parent act like a child. 

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Yes!! I don't get it! She thinks she is hurting my husband or me but she's not.  She's hurting her own kid.  

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Get yourself some wine, turn on something good on Netflix, and enjoy the space that you rent in her head for free, fully furnished.

I'm sorry you're dealing with this loon, but god she must think about you all the time.

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This is hilarious.  I was thinking of the mean girls quote "why are you so obsessed with me?" bc I seriously think she is!

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So charming. DH sent Toxic BM a text pretty much saying 'this isn't us so sort your sh*t out!' when SD came back to our house again with eggs (lice) in her hair. There was a dreadlock in her hair from not being brushed for a week. SD told us BM checked and did nothing the night before they were heading back to ours. I sighed and couldn't help myself and said 'of course she waits until the last night to check your hair'. Poor kid. BM's text back was pretty much a game play between her and DH and then said she thinks he's a joke for a father and 'you are disgusting'. Hmm can we get any more immature? Seriously wth is wrong with these crazy BM's that fuel on drama?

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YES - BM here has two older children in their 30s and is a total JUSTNOMIL from SS's report.

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Unfortunately for Ursula, there's a full decade of potential harassment before that day comes.  

Ursula, I don't know how you put up with that BM.  I guess you just have to laugh, because she's a joke.  I feel bad for your SD, because it sounds like she's growing up to be an unpleasant person, I'm sure because of her mother's influence.

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Sil's that i was a half naked caucasian whore, then several yrs later when sd's started questioning the lies she made up not adding up, she claimed she was a born again religious woman and called my sil singing me praises for loving her kids like my own!!

oh hun, your 3 kids are the most feral disrespectful people i have ever met but as someone raised by parents who had high standards of manners, i was simply polite even though your kids were and are such rude arseholes!!  I don't love your kids like my own & why should i have to when their own mum doesn't want them or love them??

i stay out of the hypocrisy and toxicity. They just try to create drama to stir a reaction 

halo1998's picture being me...would wave to her next time as I shut the door.  That would get her knickers all in a knot.  Serves two purposes

1.  Shows your DH and your SD your being "nice"

2. Will bug the ever loving sh*t out of your HCBM.

I'm evil though and have no patience for petty biotches..

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She needs to find a new hobby.  Her obsession with you and everything you do is starting to be creepy.