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Unequal Gift Giving

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I think I've posted about this before.  My husband was raised by his aunt and uncle, they are like his parents.  They consider themselves grandparents to SD and our DD.  They constantly shower SD with gifts and give little to nothing to DD.  My husband visited them with both kids this past weekend.  They bought SD an apple watch as an early Christmas gift.  She is 8 years old!  I feel like that is such a ridiculous gift for a child.  They also got her some clothes and other things.  They did get my DD an early Christmas gift also, but it's really more like a joint gift for SD and DD and SD

Saw BM Over the Weekend

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So after BM texted me her nasty message last week, I saw her over the weekend at the kids gymnastics.  We made a point to get there on the late side (SDs class ends at the same time my daughters class starts, so it's not possible that we won't see BM).  I had to laugh because BM called me fat in her message to me, and she is bigger than me.  SD tried to give me a hug but I occupied myself with getting my DD ready for her class.

BM Messaged Me

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I am so mad right now.  So BM just messaged me with an incredibly rude message.  I'm not responding but I'm furious.  Basically SD went back and gave BM the run down of things that happened at our house over the weekend, and she made up some stuff too apparently.  Part of BMs message to me was to Never slam the door on my daughter again!  I never slammed a door but if I want to slam a door in my own house I can do that!  BM also said that I'm jealous of her, and called me fat.  Good lord, this woman is so miserable.  And I have to see her tomorrow.  

I cannot live like this

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I am pretty much to the end of my rope here.  SD is going back to her BMs house and telling her everything that happens here.  I feel like I have a spy here half the time and I have no privacy.  SD is saying that BM asks her all kinds of questions like does Ursula hit you? do your dad and ursula fight?  and so on.  I never ask SD questions about what happens at BMs house because to be honest, I really don't care at all.  Sometimes she will share small details but it's all prompted by SD bringing things up.  

SD is going to be uncomfortable

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SD came back here yesterday from BMs.  She told me that BM called my husband a "little bitch" for not helping her pay her gynmastics.  BM signed SD up for a gymnastics class the same place I signed my DD up and in the class right before hers.  SD says I don't want to watch DD do her gymnastics class, and I don't want her to be watching me.  Wtf?  She says it's going to make her uncomfortable.  I am seriously so sick of this BS.  SD wasn't even supposed to be doing gymnastics.  BM was going to sign her up for softball but after learning that I signed my daughter up for gymnastics SD decided

BM rants

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BM is so beyond angry that my husband isnt' going to split the cost of SDs extracurricular activity with her.

She went on a rambling rant through their court ordered communication app stating that the  "measly" child support he pays barely supports SD, that multiple professionals have called my husband "crazy" (this never happened) and to sum it up, she actually called my 3 year old ugly. 

BM has to be one of the most miserable people on the planet.

Extracurricular Activity for SD

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BM recently sent my husband a message about signing SD up for softball.  He agreed he would take her on his time.  I decided I wanted to sign my DD up for a sport, and I picked gymnastics.  SD knows and went home and told BM she wants to do gymnastics too.  BM sent a message to my husband about it, picked a class that she knows he won't be able to take SD to because it starts before his pick up time and asks him to split the cost.  He says that class doesn't work and that he cannot split the cost at this time but if he is able to in the future he will.  BM responds and says "what do you mea

Hybrid Learning

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After BM just complained about SD not liking the current arrangement my husband has for SD during virtual learning and asking if there are any other options, the school district announced it will start hybrid learning at the end of this month.  

BM sent another message asking what he thinks and that she wants SD to stay fully virtual.  My husband responded that he wants SD to start some in person learning, because honestly she is not doing well with virtual learning.  So of course this will be a fight. 

SD and Virtual Learning

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SDs school is fully virtual, and she's doing pretty terribly with it.  She is with BM half the time and us half the time.  When she's with BM her GBM is home with all the kids and SD logs in there.  When she is here, she goes to a neighbors house that has a few other kids come over to log in for school also.