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Lying SD

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I am really getting frustrated with my SD.  She is about to turn 8 and she lies constantly. She cannot be trusted at all.  Just some examples from the past week:

Elf on a shelf

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Does anyone here do this? I hate it. My husband kind of did it for SD. But more than anything he bought it, flopped it around the house a few times and would forget about it. Then it would be left up to me to move it.  He would get mad at me for not doing it and saying I would do it for my own kid. Well she's not my kid. And I stopped moving it because SD is so over the top and fake she would go around shreiking this elf's stupid name and asking me why he never moves. So my husband didn't put it out this year and he's actually pretty sure he threw it away. 

Other kids not liking SD, Husband clueless

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There are some kids in the neighborhood that SD is always wanting to play with.  It is PAINFULLY obvious they don't want to play with her.  But I seem to be the only one that notices this.  Not sure if the reason is because she's annoying or younger than these girls, or a combination of both.  I'm starting to feel embarassed about it.  SD is constantly knocking on their door multiple times a day to see if they can play.

Dislike for SD

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I am really starting to feel guilty for my serious dislike for my SD.  At this point, I am just tolerating her. She is so unlikeable.  She has an annoying personality, she is always greasy looking even though she showers regularly and supposedly washes her hair (I have tried to help her to show her proper hair washing techniques but it's NOT working, she also has used one half a bottle of of body wash in almost a years time).

How old is too old?

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To be straddling your father?  My SD is 7 (closer to 8 years old) and I've noticed she's been doing this a lot lately.  The other day my husband got home from work and jumped off the couch to straddle hug and wrap her legs around him (smacking my 3 year old in the face with her foot while doing so).  When I made a comment about how she shouldn't be doing that (jumping off the furniture) I was told that she said sorry for kicking my daughter in the face followed by some nasty looks.

Annoying SD Jokes

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My SD is 7.  She has started to make these things that she calls "jokes" constantly.  And they are not funny, at all.  They are stupid and annoying.  Is this something kids to?  I'm really hoping my DD isn't going to go through this ridiculously annoying stage.  Just some examples from yesterday:

Example 1:

SD: "What store are we going to?"

Me: "Michaels"

SD: immediately after telling her where we are going, we drive by a staples, and she says "or are we going to staples?"

Example 2 (after leaving Michaels)

School Issued Laptop

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SD has been in 100% virtual learning since March.  No idea when things will change back to in person right now.  BM and my husband have 50/50.  SD had been using an extra laptop we have for school during DH time and a school issued one at BMs house.  Well our laptop decided to stop working.  So SD started bringing the school laptop from BMs house.  I was shocked that BM was okay with this.  We found out this weekend that apparently BM didn't know SD was bringing it, and when she found out she told my husband that he needs to get our laptop fixed asap because the one she has was issued to he

BM - The Amazing Coparent

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BM and my husband have 50/50 custody and currently school is 100% virtual.  SD has been doing a weekly group meet with the guidance counselor.  Each morning of the meeting, BM sends my husband a reminder for the meeting along with the group code.  My husband sent her a note back saying he knows about the meetings so she doesn't need to send the reminders.  She responded back with don't be so rude!

Lazy and entitled BM

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SD goes back to BMs today.  BM was going to pick her up after school.  The laptop SD is using at our house for virtual learning decided to take a crap this morning so SD couldn't log in.  Husband messaged BM asking if she can pick up SD now so she won't miss too much school.  BM seriously responded asking if I could drop SD off to her? Uh no...I cannot.  Get off your lazy ass and pick up your own kid.  I am working from home, BM knows I work.  She is off work today so doesn't make much sense that I would drop her kid off to her just so she doesn't have to inconvenience herself.

Reporting back to BM

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So over the holiday weekend my husband took SD to visit a friend of his who lives on a farm about 2 hours away and they spent two nights there, left Friday morning and came back Sunday morning.  After SD went back to BMs, BM sent him a message saying she doesn't like how he has SD around men and saying it's awfully funny how I never go on these trips with the two of them.  I stay home with our 2 year old.  I don't find it enjoyable to go to someone else's house for the weekend and chase a toddler around, plus I like the alone time with my DD and the break from SD.