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If I could BEAT THE SHIT out of SD16 I SOOOOOO would.......

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My SO went out of town this past Saturday. Before he left he told both SD16 and SS14 to not give Ubrng any trouble or get themselves into any trouble. The past few times that SO has gone out of town it has been my SD16 that has been the one to give me a hard time. Well, he should have just told my SD16 to give Ubrng a shit load of trouble......

I was gone most of Saturday. I didn't get back home until about 9 pm. When I got home I went directly upstairs into my room. I figured I would take advantage of my SO not being home to FINALLY clean and organize our closet and I was also hoping to find a diamond and sapphire pendant that went missing. Before going into my room I noticed that SD16 was in her bathroom messing with her hair. I thought that was odd because of the time. Didn't think anything much more of it because she is a 16 year old girl. As I was cleaning out my closet and organizing it I got to a drawer that had some of my jewelry in it. I took out the bag and I noticed that a diamond heart pendant of mine did not have the necklace that came with it.....It was actually a necklace that I didn't even recognize. I thought HEEEELLLL NOOOO....first my diamond sapphire pendant now this!

So I come out of my room and I told my SS14 to wake up SD16 so I could check the necklace she was wearing. To make a long story short the manipulative lying bitch snuck out from her room that is on the 2nd floor. Snuck out after being told not to give me a hard time or to get herself into any trouble. I then decided to go through her stuff. Come to find out that she has been going into our room which she is NOT allowed to be going into and taking my clothes. I then found a beer can in her room that she decided to drink! Fuck no! I then proceeded to take All of her clothes. I did leave some ratty looking tops. I took her flat irons, her makeup and I removed her bedroom door. She got clip on hair extensions for Xmas...She had them on her so I couldn't take those right then and there.

I called my SO and I was beyond PISSED! I was actually on the phone with him when I removed the bedroom door. So easy Ladies! My SO actually allowed for SD16 not to come home. He had his oldest son pick her up and take her back to his place. According to him he didn't want the cops to show up. So she got to sleep in on Sunday. I was sooooooo mad at my SO. Fuck that!

SD16 didnt' get dropped off until 3 oclock Sunday. I was not home. When I got home I went directly into her room and she had removed her clip on hair extensions. I took them and I still NEED to throw them out! I left the house again. When I got back she was in the shower. So I went back into her room to search her things. I was still looking for my necklace but also looking for whatever it is that SD16 is hiding. She came into her room and had the nerve to tell me that I can't be looking through her things. I told her that she had no say since she didn't pay the rent. She came back with "No you don't! Dad does" Uh yes I do! She then tried arguing that. I immediately called SO and told him how she was acting. Before calling him SD16 told me that I was NOT her parent and that only DAD can tell her what to do.....I have been the one doing EVERYTHING for that ungrateful bitch for the past 6 years. While her cunt of a mother skipped town and refuses to follow the CO so now it has been 5 years since they have seen her. Now that bitch wants to be that way with me!

I have had it with her! She is a manipulative liar. Just last week Thursday she was crying to me how we CAN trust her. How she doesn't do "bad things" anymore. She learned her lesson according to her......Right SD16! Now I'm stuck with that Bitch for 2 weeks. Last night I made dinner and SS14 asked me if he should call her downstairs. I said NOPE! If I'm a nobody to her and she thinks she is old enough to be drinking beer and sneaking out then she can feed herself! She didn't try coming downstairs at all.....Good for her. And I plan on not feeding her again tonight.....Fuck you SD16!


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i hate her for you. she sounds SO much like sd19. bd17 told me a few things the other day about sd that i didn't know. things like sneaking alcohol into apple juice and drinking it. and stealing my things? yeah, that was a favorite pasttime of hers. i relate to you in all of this. these little bitches don't appreciate a damn thing we do. we aren't their parents. we don't even owe them the food we give them!

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I found a notebook of hers.....She wrote "Things That Need To Be Done By Junior Year" This was her list: Salon Extensions, Dye hair darker brown, Tiny Red Highlights, Whiten Teeth, Get a Tan By ALL Means Necessary, ALL NEW MAKEUP, Get Diamond Hip Dermals, Dress Preppier.......Shaking my head...

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those are some admirable goals. good to know she's thinking about the future. (big ass eye roll)

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How did you resist adding to her list....

1. Get a job
2. Improve my grades
3. Save money for MOVING the F*ck OUT!

(evil snicker). You are just too civilized for your own good!

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Sounds a lot like my SD17. Your husband sounds like a guilty daddy, so not much you can do. My DW is a guilty mommy. Guess what? Not much I can do. Put a lock on your bedroom door and disengage completely.

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I've got someone coming over next Monday to fix our bedroom door and put in new door locks. I will also be calling the Alarm company and having them come out to install window sensors. I told my SO that SD16 will somehow be paying us back for all that. Damn bitch!

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Get them to do that and install one on your bedroom door as well. Have it set up for auto texting, so every time the sensors beep you get a text. }:)

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HIP DERMALS???? Is that the new thing for teens to do?

Gah, to the lay person, I'm one scary looking bitch (multiple tats, stretched ears, and multiple piercings), but dermal piercings scare the holy crap out of me.

Add that to the the list of things I can try to talk SD12 out of. FML...

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This is exactly why I am putting a lock on my bedroom door as well as my sons.