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Will the Dread Ever Go Away?

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YSD is coming for 'her weekend' today. Gross. 

She's about to be 18 and never does anything but laze around the house, picking at her feet, putting her gross, unshowered body all over my new furniture...never lifts a finger. Just texts and watches dumb Internet videos and listens to music all day. 

I'm so ready for her visits to be over. That's all. 

2 more months of Child Support and then she's 18 and graduated and not my problem anymore. 



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It hasn't gone away for me. PigPen is 15.5 and still has 3 more years of high school. He is ALWAYS looking for a reason to escape the 'Ho House, which typically means asking if he can come to our house to work on SOMETHING in the garage. DH usually lets him come for a few hours. I either leave the house and run errands (shopping, check on my Dad's house, work on my old house) or HIDE.

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I'm not sure. It hasn't for me yet. And I'm dreading the eldest turning 18 rather than celebrating. Sure, CS will go down some, but no one has prepared that kid for adulthood. He's going to be a problem for years to come. Uhg.

It doesn't sound like your sd is exactly ready to launch, either. So I think you'll be dreading her presence for a while yet.

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Well...supposedly she's going to college in the fall 4 hours away. We shall see.

The other two launched but took a year or two post high school. Didn't come over as much after turning 18 though. 

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I still have 6 more years to deal with the space cadet and DH's little angel. BM told OSS aka space cadet that DH was paying for half of his college. When space cadet told me that I said well that is up to DH not BM. When I told DH was space cadet said DH laughed and said that he was done paying for both kids when CS ended unless they were helping to contribute to our household. That will never happen these kids are too entitled. I still do dread that DH will give in the his little angel though since he is his favorite.

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Is it just me or does there need to be a zombie apocalypse to wipe out people self entitled people or at least scare the crap out of them to realize that they really aren't entitled

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Great Idea!

Do any STalkers here work in genetic engineering? We need a virus that targets only people displaying the narcissism phenotype!

I’m sort of serious here..

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Like the poster above soon sd17will graduate and cs will end. I actually love my skids, but still dread when the visit...Our lives are so nice just the two of us. When the skids come the dynamic changes in our home. Just different.

My daughter is home for the holiday and we will all be together. It is a happy time for us all. We are very fortunate everyone gets along and genuinely wants to visit together.

DH is planning a block party Smile in July. He can block Crazo forever...My step world will be so much better without her drama.

Hope everyone in our step world has a drama free weekend. If not wine works wonders...


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Yes. This is it exactly. Despite my venting, I actually do love my skids, too...though I don't care for their behavior at times. I have supported them and been a stable figure in their lives. 

But the whole dynamic shifts when YSD comes over and I just absolutely hate it. I think it may be enough to get me out the door...even though I love my DH. The anger and resentment may just be too much for me. 

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I can sympathize.  Most of our arguments are over SD and her special treatment or him bowing down to BM and acting like SD is more important than the rest of the caused so much resentment in me that I was ready to kick is arse out the door!  We had several MAJOR blow ups over this and he has improved but it can still be nasueauting at times!

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I always dread SS9s visits, especially the long one in the summer. I don’t imagine it will go away. I’m just very thankful we are long distance so I don’t have to see him 2-3 days a week anymore and see his BM in my doorway. When skids are 18 do they stop coming over as regularly? I hope so! I can’t see SS staying a month in the summer after 18 or me allowing it.

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It was different for the first two. OSD quit coming over the moment she turned 18. SS kept up his regular visitations for about 6 months after turning 18...then started doing just 1 visit a month...then went to college after a year off at 19, so now we see him much less regularly. 

Not sure how it will play out with YSD.