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Kitty is OK and Other Random Updates...La-Di-Da.

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So a couple weeks ago I was so upset the day DH and I had to leave on a big business trip because YSD had chased a feral cat into our crawlspace and then into the walls. I won't rehash the whole story but here's the link:


I am very happy to report that, when we got home, the kitty was out and playing with the other two. Such a huge relief. I took a bunch of pictures and was going to post them, but I haven't had the chance to create an Imgur account. Maybe soon. 

Anyway - business trip went well, then YSD came for her visit last weekend. Some updates: 

1. She's as impossible as ever. Gray kitty came in again, and she started chasing it AGAIN. I flipped on her and told her to leave it the eff alone already. She said: "OK, OK. I'm just trying to be friendly..." pout, pout, pout. Gah. She's making me drink. 

2. At some point during the weekend YSD mentioned that her mom 'drives her crazy' and DH pipes up brightly with: "Well, you can always stay here! TwoOfUs and I will fix up the basement apartment for you!" You may recall that, about 2 years ago, DH and I started to remodel the basement (the half that wasn't already finished out...which is where YSD stays now) to turn it into a stand-alone apartment...but that project hit the skids (lol!) when DH kept hinting that maybe SS could live there and pay us rent. Hahahahaha! Anyway. I let that project drop until SS was launched because I didn't want to spend my $$$ on something just to have it ruined by a skid. We've been talking about finishing this summer...and now this. What is it with these clueless daddies and their fantasies about skids coming to live with them after they're grown and aged out of CS? I see it a lot on this site. Kid is finally 18+ and you're not paying through the nose for said kid anymore...and now dad wants to have the kid live with him and BM is, of course, fine with it. Talk about adding insult to injury. way in hades I'm fixing up the basement now. Not until they're all 30 and married with places of their own. 

3. Finally...YSD, DH and I sat down to have a talk about her college plans. I've actually been able to be a voice of reason in all of this. DH is all: "Reach for the stars! Apply to big-name out-of-state schools and we'll help you figure out how to pay for it somehow!" (Yes. He truly does live in a fantasy world, it seems. Not only about the money but also about his kids' intellectual abilities and prospects. DH is very bright. His kids...are all pretty average or even below.) Meanwhile, BM is constantly poor-mouthing it, even though she and her parents both have plenty of money, and is all: "Go to the tech school down the road for two years or just don't go at all for the first year...stay home with me..." Poor YSD is completely confused...but has applied to and been accepted to a very decent state school, which neither parent is happy about for different reasons and both parents are threatening to not let her go/not give their full support. YSD went ahead and paid the reservation fee to hold her spot last week and both parents got angry with her. Maybe it was for selfish reasons...but I was able to talk to DH, who then talked to BM...and long story short...YSD will be 4 hours away starting in August. Hallelujah. Also...I'm glad she's getting a good but affordable education...

Thanks for listening to my long download. Missed you all while the site was offline :) 





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Well I must say kudos to SD for standing up to her parents and putting down the money to hold her place. Maybe this is what she needs to launch successfully. Well we can only hope!*yahoo*

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Agreed! YSD does typically go for what she wants. There's a lot to admire about her. It's just been in the last year that she's been intolerably needy and obnoxious. 

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I was worried about that fuzzball!  Thanks for the update.

That is a good thing she's going to the affordable school and she's going to be far away enough to be independent!  Hopefully college will help her to mature.  

What's up with parents bad mouthing their kids wanting to leave the nest?  It's one thing to be realistic about your child's skills vs what they plan to do, but another to discourage them from trying anything.  No wonder the girl is confused if BM doesn't want her to do anything and DH is unrealistic about her potential.  Good for you for being the voice of reason there.


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State schools are awesome. They are great when you want the college experience but still do not want to be in over our head with debt when you are done. You can still get a good job.

Really glad to hear the kitty is ok.