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Kinda o/t - money talk

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We've kinda run into some financial problems starting last year with dh getting wrecked june 2014.

He was out of work for 5 mos. Stuff got pd by credit card, unfortunately. We had to move into a bigger place while still carrying original mortgage... then he hurt his shoulder in january, and workers comp only pays 2/3....

So here we are in november. Condo hasnt sold, dh still on 2/3 salary. His settlement from acc has greatly been eaten into.

We've got bills out the wahzoo and dh is wondering where the settlemant $ went. I told him - u told me to put settlement $ into the bill acct, i keep putting my 350/wk into it. What else do u think is paying 2 mortgages and utilities, plus 1k to 1.5k credit cards, PLUS other expenses like groceries and gas?

Its not from my 350/wk, its out of the settlement...

He got cranky, so i reminded him of what he said - "just make sure the bills are paid" and u know what? They have been. All utilities, his truck, mortgages, food, gas, groceries, credit cards. Not one goddamn late notice.

Do not bitch at me for no $ when IIII have put in and been secretary to make sure the lights dont shut off, no foreclosure proceedings, no credit collections have happened. Ive done what u asked and paid the fucking bills.


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Oh and i have a g-d raging infection down below making me bitchy and itchy as shit. U know why?????

Excess stress AND my ph balanced body wash has been comandeeeeeered by kids who will NOT say "daddy? We're low on shower gel" so my shit gets taken and i'm reduced to smelly froo-froo shit that does NOT agree with sensitive areas.... GRRRRRRRR.......

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Tuff, I am sorry. I know this is one of those f*ing times that hurt, suck that you wish was over yesterday. Let it out lady.

You have done nothing wrong. You are just a convenient target for frustration.

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Oh, missed this post ... Ex=DH & I rented a great place which had been on the market (empty) for quite awhile. Offered a year lease. Considered rent-to-own, but Ex-DH was transferred. Owners got a decent tenant for a year, cash stream to cover mortgage, some minor improvements and the opportunity to relist a year later once the market boomed in that area.

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Well.... we rented condo for 2 months. This is not a vacation/rental area. No "attractions" and the majority of the popp work in the mills. Factory town... research rotator cuff shoulder freezing and ull see whats happened to his shoulder...

Its not funnnnn......

And eta - yes far better to pay cc's off. But not at the expense of foreclosure or reposession. At least noones shown me better yet....

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I knocked up my shoulder when I was carrying my son piggy-back, when he was wayyy too big, stepped on Lego, stepped on dog bed, tripped face first on the hardwood floor, cracked nose (bled), broke glasses and bashed shoulder. That took almost 9 months to "heal" with the possibility of surgery later. I remember having to slide onto my knees to get off the couch, nauseous with pain, stuck on the toilet, unable to dress and not being able to sleep.

A shoulder affects so many simple activities of daily living. I cannot imagine totally trashing it.

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Guess you need someone to tell you: "Good for you." You've kept the family afloat and functioning by your contribution and your handling of the finances. Raising a glass to you.

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Indigo is right. Congrats to you for ALL you are and have been doing. I'm raising my glass as well.

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u know, i've thought about bankruptcy.... either that or a debt consolidation loan maybe, bargaining w/ credit cards for a lower payoff...

when things settle just a bit more i'll probably be talking to a financial advisor as a first step.

his comment just got under my skin "where did it all go?!!?" i mean, shit dont pay for itself, there's not magic bill fairy with a trust fund she wants to share, it's gotta come from somewhere - and that effing somewhere is the wreck settlement $$ in the damn account. grrrr.....

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thanks tommar!

i did some research into it and i think our best option is a unsecured loan from the bank to pay off the c/c's and avoid that interest, and maybe some medical bills. then dh will talk to an agent and get a feel from her what the housing market in this area really looks like at this time of year (she's lurch's friend's mom, she'll give an honest answer). if not likely to get a sale until spring, then refinancing is an option. i've had it for the majority of a decade, so the remaining principal is significantly lower than it was when i originally signed the mortgage.

that's what sounds good at the moment, so we'll see....