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fun time - Christmas gifts

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what was the funniest or strangest gift you were given or that you saw exchanged this year for Christmas?

dh took the kids to MIL's Christmas morning for their gift exchange, then they spent the afternoon with dumb@$$' mom and that side of their family.

so dh comes home alone and says "mom got you something." remember, i havent spoken to the woman in over 3 years. every Christmas since, she has sent me something, which is always nice and i'm not ungrateful for the gifts. week before last, she and dh had a quite in-depth conversation, and he asked her straight-up if there was a way to put the past behind and bury the hatchet. she hemmed and hawed and changed the subject. guess that was her answer. meh....

anyway, based on that, i didnt expect anything this year, so what a nice surprise from someone who hates my guts. so i proceed to open the box, and pull out........

adult-sized onesie pajamas.



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DH got a notched baseball hat (notched for sunglasses) in a gift exchange. He looks horrible in hats!

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My FDH got my niece in the family Christmas exchange. She asked for this and got it, the little weirdo. He said he felt odd buying it.

The video really makes it.

Do the onesies come with a convenient butt flap? Smile

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oh dear god that is epic. never in my life have i seen..... just ugh!!! *gigglesnorts*

and no, no booty flap. h3ll, i dont even wear pajamas!!!

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DH bought be baking dishes ... because I broke one accidentally pulling it out of the cupboard. Um, NOT a Christmas gift.