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SD, BM, and CoronaCarelessness

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DH's visitation time with SD13 came and went this week and neither DH nor BM made an attempt to make it happen. And honestly, I'm thankful. 

SD texted DH on Tuesday at like 4am telling DH that he should go and buy the new Star Wars movie so that she can come over and watch it. I know she was excited because DH hasn't seen it yet, but the way it was worded, and then the way she spoke to him on the phone later, it just came off in not the greatest way. Sorry for her, it's only available for digital download and we're not buying it yet. 

 So during their phone conversation later that day SD told DH about a dream she'd had. In the dream, everyone at our house was bullying her and she ran away to her oldest half-brother's house and he became her father. Then stating that he would be the best father. She then said that DH bullies her. And she wasn't just talking about the dream anymore. DH was very confused because he doesn't bully her in the slightest. The phone conversation ended quickly after that and DH said he would be glad if she didn't come to our house. 

 Fast forward to today and DH actually talked to her. Turns out SD had friends over and once those couple of friends leave, 2 more are coming over. 

Doesn't having friends over defeat the purpose of this social distancing that we all should be practicing? DH told me that after the carelessness off BM letting SD have friends over, SD is definitely not coming over to our house.

SD still has one more week of eLearning before "Spring Break" so DH contacted SD's principal (small school) to see if by the principal addressing the topic, some might take it seriously. Not to mention that one of the friends that was visiting has a parent that works at the school. What?!?

Anyone else not seeing their skids because of social distancing? 


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But we're debating what to do about it.  BM is an idiot.  SS told DH that they were going to someone's house for "homeschooling," but DH has no idea who that would be, and who those people have been in contact with.  (Also, SS hasn't been doing his homework, so not sure what they're "homeschooling.")  And both SKs were at some Karate thing last weekend,  to boot, so God knows what they have been exposed to.

DH and I have been hunkered down with bio-DD for more than a week at this point, so we're not interested in exposing ourselves to yuck.

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That was our thought too - not knowing what SD has been exposed to. BM is a waitress and DH said he knows she doesn't always wash her hands. Bad

At least SD does wash her hands when she's with us because we have a newborn. But she takes every opportunity to complain about it. 

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DH freaked out when I mentioned maybe SD not coming this weekend on his visitation because 1) we don't know where SD has been staying ( BM lives in another city and does not live with SD even though she has full custody) and 2) my son and myself both have asthma which is real bad right now. I had loe grade fever yesterday so BM decided SD needed to stay with her aunt this weekend of else she would be here 

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This week, DH went to the grocery store and saw one SS hanging out with his friends. The store is 30 minutes from BM's house, so I think SS was also sleeping over his friend's house. 

Tonight doordash shows up at our house even though we didn't order it. DH calls SSs to ask if they ordered doordash, one of them says yes, he did, because BM is out and he needed food. Um, where is BM? She also went away last weekend when SKids were with us. BM loves the casino, but most of them are closed. BM is not an overly healthy person, I don't know why she thinks she doesn't need to worry about coronavirus. I'm sincerely hoping we go into lockdown, so SKids can't come over. I don't want to be exposed because she doesn't think it's a big deal.